Hopeful Economics UnConference

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3 March, 2021 to 5 March, 2021

Banner image that says "Hopeful Economics UnConference"An UnConference is a gathering place for people to have deep discussions, go down rabbit holes, and come back up for even more refreshing air. People who are gathering will be having conversations about trends in the charitable sector, novel systems and changes that are happening elsewhere, systemic change issues, orthodoxies that need changing and much more! 

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What to Expect?

  • March 3rd – Pre-Conference. This includes 2 different streams for the community of faith folk and social purpose organizations. These streams are designed to help your get in the right mindset for the rest of the conference!  
  • March 4th – 
    • Morning - "Fishbowl: Seeing Things Differently" which will help you change your perspective about who and how to collaborate.
    • Afternoon - "Mission Possible" is a fun interactive game that will stretch you to work together to address a presented social/community challenge
  • March 5th – 
    • Morning - "Fall in love with the problem" is the time to lean into the challenges that impact you the most or the ones that you are the most passionate about. We guarantee you'll make new connections and generate new ideas here! 
    • Afternoon -"Local Inclusive Economies: Connect Local!" this is our final session and this is the opportunity for you to connect locally. Everyone will bring their unique experience from the conference and you'll be able to share and learn from each other.

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