Social Finance: Ethical, Environmental & Everyone (Session #4)

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24 March, 2021

Images of produce, beekeeping, and fishing with text: "Fair Finance Fund. Social Finance. Ethical, Environmental and Everyone. Weekly Sessions March 2021."Social Finance: Ethical, Environmental & Everyone is back to share innovations in impact investing and social finance worldwide.

Each week, experts in impact investing, social finance, social entrepreneurship and innovations in finance from around the world will share their work. Discussions will include new models of investing for social purpose, projects on the forefront of social and environmental change, stories from the field and best practices for the future of food, people and the planet.

Session #4: Wednesday, March 24 at 12:00pm EST

Iroquois Valley Farmland REIT | David E. Miller, Co-founder & CEO

Iroquois Valley Farmland REIT is an organic farmland finance company that provides farmer-friendly leases and mortgages to the next generation of organic farmers. Since their founding in 2007, they have directed $50 million in investments in organic agriculture.

KOIS | Serena Guarnaschelli, Partner & Roman Kovac, Associate

KOIS was a pioneer in the impact investment industry when they developed the first Social Impact Bond in continental Europe in 2014, and continued to lead the way by developing in 2017 the first-ever Humanitarian Impact Bond with the ICRC.​


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