Confident Cooperative Facilitation

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13 April, 2021

Icon of worker on computer with text: "Attend the free webinar: confident cooperative leadership (you don't need all the answers to be a great leader). Online. Tues, April 13th, 3:30-4:30 pm EDT. Featuring lessons from the cooperative leadership certification program. Learn more and reserve your spot."For a strong and resourceful spring, attend to your facilitation and leadership!

Have you or your team been faced with: burnout, disconnect, lack of accountability, and frustrating meetings? Has this been all the harder with remote work and pandemic stress?

Join to take the energy of spring to turn these challenging realities into resourced and human-centered collaboration by facilitating with more:

  • Greater connection
  • Attunement to ourselves
  • Alignment and accountability in our team
  • Effective progress together
  • Joyful, productive, relevant, and good meetings!
  • Meaningful cooperation

In this session, you’ll get tools, reframes, and guiding practices for confident cooperative facilitation (remote and in-person). We all know leadership isn’t about being in charge anymore or having all the answers. AND We know that sometimes our facilitators have all the best intentions to be collaborative, but that’s easier said than done!

You’ll learn some key processes for human-centered and cooperative group practices that apply equally well in remote and in-person settings. You’ll leave with greater resources for yourself and your team to face the challenges we’ve all been experiencing and use those difficulties as catalysts for more meaningful and effective work.

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