Decolonial Epistemologies Dialogue Circle

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28 April, 2021

Word cloud with spanish text: "Epistemologias Decoloniales." Image of globe with Don Quixote and windmill on top. Text: "Universidad del buen vivir. Campańa por un curriculum global de la economía social solidaria."Presentations and dialogues with Aline Mendonca from the Popular University of Social Movements (PUSM), Turco Abdala from the Asociación Familias con Identidad Huertera (AFIH), Emily Kawano from the Solidarity Economy US Network and Xavi Palos from Xarxa Economia Solidària (XES) – World Social Forum Transformative Economies (WSFTE). Organized by the International Collective University Buen Vivir -Education Network and Solidarity Social Economy: Claudia Alvarez, Alejandro Tombesi and collaboration of Celeste Osess.

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Universidad del buen vivir
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Community Capacity Building
Community ownership
Conceptual Frameworks & Approaches
First Nations, Inuit and Métis
Local economy
Partnership Building
Planning and Evaluation
Poverty Reduction
Sector-Based Strategies
Social Economy & Social Enterprise
Social Innovation
Social Justice
Stories and Experiences