Measurement that Makes Sense: Take Control of the Data you Collect

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21 May, 2021

Logos for Demonstrating Value, Common Approach, and Vancity Community FoundationKeeping track of data can be a challenge. What’s important to collect? How do you bring data together to gain insights about what you’re doing, make good decisions and show your impact and value? In this workshop you’ll learn how to clearly define what information is most useful to collect to show performance and impact.  You’ll also learn how to go further with the guide Performance and Impact Measurement: Improving your Practices.  Time will be set aside in the workshop for your questions and to have an open discussion about the practical issues, challenges and solutions in measurement and evaluation.

This event is taking place on May 14 and May 21, 2021. 

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Demonstrating Value, Common Approach, and Vancity Community Foundation
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Conceptual Frameworks & Approaches
Local economy
Organizational Development
Planning and Evaluation
Policy Development & Advocacy
Research & Development
Sector-Based Strategies
Social Economy & Social Enterprise
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