International Co-operative Governance Symposium

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17 June, 2021 to 19 June, 2021

Image of people speaking via teleconference on a tablet while working on a whiteboard paperThis International Co-operative Governance Symposium is an interactive and participatory gathering of governance professionals, experts, and researchers from various countries. This is not a large, “talking head” style conference as most attendees will be direct contributors to at least one of the sessions during the Symposium.

Consider these few days as an opportunity to think deeply about governance systems that are fit for co-operatives. Learn from each other about new and different frameworks and practices that focus on the participatory, people-centred, democratic, and jointly-owned nature of co-operatives with the objective of maintaining and enhancing co-operative health.

Symposium Context
Governance in any type of organization is not a “one size fits all”. The best Co-operative governance evolves and is dependent on situation - co-operative type, culture, country, sector, economic, and other factors. However, the best governance in co-operatives is understood in the context of the co-operative purpose and enterprise model. Whether and how this is being done is central to this Symposium as well as our multi-year co-operative governance initiative.

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International Centre for Co-operative Management, Saint Mary’s University
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Community Capacity Building
Community ownership
Conceptual Frameworks & Approaches
Planning and Evaluation
Sector-Based Strategies
Social Economy & Social Enterprise