Project 10 - Lessons for Transforming Neighbourhood Pain into Gain

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26 August, 2021
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Image of fingers typing on a keyboard with text: "WEBINARS"Project 10 is an initiative of  Edmonton Community Development Company that is uniting diverse partners around a bold plan to buy, demolish and redevelop 10 derelict properties in McCauley, one of the city’s oldest urban neighbourhoods. Drug trafficking, homelessness, gambling and gangs are a current reality for McCauley. These challenges are counterbalanced by the deep love and loyalty that many residents have for their neighbourhood. This commitment was powerfully demonstrated when, in just six weeks, neighbours contributed $1.1 million to join local leaders as investors in a plan to buy, and revitalize a long-time problem strip mall property. This significant show of support is an important victory in the incredibly complex and challenging work of revitalizing communities.

Join Sylvia Cheuy as she welcome’s Mark Holmgren, Executive Director of the Edmonton Community Development Company to share the lessons he is discovering as he mobilizes diverse partners to work together, connect dots and creatively overcome obstacles to restore a neighbourhood and make the possibility of homeownership a reality for first-time buyers.

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