Community Finance Gathering

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24 March, 2022
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A poster with many diverse people says Community Finance Gathering, March 24, 12:00PMThis Community Finance Gathering is an open and inclusive convening of community finance stakeholders in Ontario, from place-based funds and financial institutions to community organizations and policy leaders.

This gathering is a part of the Catalyst Community Finance Initiative. They are seeking to build and scale the ecosystem together and it is critical to have a wide range of perspectives and stakeholders at the table. 

About Catalyst

The Catalyst: Community Finance Initiative is a multi-year initiative to develop enhanced ecosystem and policy infrastructure to support the start-up and scale up place-based community finance organizations in urban, rural and Northern communities in Ontario and across the country.

They are seeking to: collectively design relevant ecosystem and provincial public policy infrastructure to ensure that community finance institutions can successfully and sustainably start-up and scale their impact; facilitate knowledge sharing amongst place-based finance and capacity organizations; and engage existing and new community finance organizations that can serve organizations, projects, and enterprises in selected urban, rural and Northern communities, alongside mainstream leaders in philanthropy, public policy, and financial institutions.


Catalyst Community Finance Initiative
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