2019 Call for Board Nominations

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Nomination Support Form
Notice of Nomination Acceptance or Rejection
CCEDNet Board Obligations

The Canadian CED Network’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) is being held on June 6th at 1pm Eastern Time on-line. 

Nominations are currently being sought for four positions on CCEDNet’s Board of Directors.  Anyone with energy and a vision for the CED movement in Canada is encouraged to submit a candidacy. The deadline to submit nominations is April 17, 2019 at 11:59pm Pacific time.

Board Vacancies

CCEDNet’s Board of Directors is made up of twelve (12) representatives of CCEDNet’s membership who serve three (3) year rotating terms and are elected at-large by the general membership. 

Elections are conducted online and the results are announced at the AGM. Member Associates are not eligible to sit on the Board.

This year we are seeking nominations for four Directors for three-year terms. 

  Term Ending: 2019 AGM     Term Ending: 2020 AGM     Term Ending: 2021 AGM  
Laurie Cook
Kaye Grant Emmanuel Bertrand-Gauvin
Walter Hossli Diana Jedig
Ryan Gibson
Marianne Jurzyniec
Hazel Corcoran Vacant
Yvon Poirier
Gail Henderson Krista Bissiallon

Board members whose terms are expiring are eligible to be re-elected. However, they must be elected by the members through CCEDNet’s official election process.

Candidates must be nominated by two (2) other CCEDNet members, preferably from their region. You can consult the list of members on CCEDNet's website. If you don’t know any other members well enough to ask them to nominate you, contact CCEDNet at info at ccednet-rcdec.ca. We will inform the Nominations Committee of your situation so they can help you find someone. 

Members interested in putting forward their name to be nominated for CCEDNet’s Board are asked to communicate with us by fax or email by April 17 to submit their candidacy, including the names of the two other CCEDNet members who are nominating them. Candidates are required to provide a short biography (including a photo) to the CCEDNet office for translation and to be included in election materials.

If you wish to nominate another CCEDNet member for a position, please ensure that the member nominated is willing to let their name stand and has given their approval to be nominated before communicating with us. Once again, the deadline for nominations is April 17, 2019.

*Please note: information regarding online voting will be forwarded by email to all members in good standing. If you are unsure about your membership status, please log in to your CCEDNet account or contact us at info at ccednet-rcdec.ca or 1-877-202-2268.

If you require hard copies of the AGM documents or any other CCEDNet correspondence, please call CCEDNet toll-free at 1-877-202-2268.

Nomination Support Form

Two members in good standing must support the nomination.  Members of CCEDNet’s Nominations Committee are not eligible to support a nomination.  A completed Nomination Support form must be submitted with the Nomination Form. Download the Nomination Support form.

Notice of Nomination Acceptance or Rejection

Within 48 hours (on weekdays, excluding holidays), the Candidate will receive by e-mail a notification from the Elections Officer or his/her designate approving or rejecting the nomination with the reason(s) explained. In the case of a rejected nomination, the Candidate can re-submit his/her candidacy, providing it meets the deadline announced.

CCEDNet Board Obligations

The Board is the custodian of the vision of the membership and is responsible for carrying out the mandate of the Network.  In participation with the membership and the CED community more broadly, the Board charts the course of action CCEDNet undertakes to achieve that vision.

The main duties of Board members involve: 

  1. Planning - developing plans to meet the goals and objectives of the membership as described in strategic planning materials. 
  2. Policy Making - adopting policies based on options and recommendations prepared by staff
  3. Monitoring - reviewing progress of CCEDNet’s activities
  4. Liaising - acting as a liaison with Members in their region
  5. Participating in Committees - serving on various Board, Standing and member committees, including Finance, Governance, Personnel, Communications, and other temporary working groups 

On occasion, board members are also requested to act as representatives of CCEDNet at public functions or events, or in dialogues with government departments.

Directors must be members in good standing for the entire duration of their term.  While activities fluctuate, Directors must be prepared to commit a minimum of 1 hour of preparation and 2 hours of participation in at least 10 monthly teleconference meetings over the course of the year.  Officers members are required to be available for an additional 1.5 hours per month. 

New Directors receive a "binder" of information to assist them with their duties, including CCEDNet bylaws, policies and procedures, Board minutes, the last Annual report and audited financial report, the current strategic plan and other relevant documents. 

CCEDNet’s Nominations Committee members would be happy to discuss the role and responsibilities of Board members and can be contacted at the coordinates below:

More information on CCEDNet’s current Board members 

For a complete copy of the Code Governing Members of CCEDNet’s Board of Directors or any other questions, contact CCEDNet at 1-877-202-2268 or info at ccednet-rcdec.ca.