Join a Peer Coaching Group to Boost Your Impact

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Would you like to have a small, trusted group of peers—other change-makers like you—to help you succeed in your work?

Peer coaching group
About the Program
This program is being offered in partnership with Andy Horsnell. Andy has been a social enterprise consultant and trainer for over 20 years (see for details) and has integrated peer coaching groups into his work from the start. He has facilitated peer coaching groups with a wide range of participants throughout Canada and the USA, from front line community workers to senior executives, and has found this approach to be consistently relevant and useful for his clients.

A peer coaching group might be what you need! A group where you could get fresh perspectives, practical advice, and new contacts and that would support you and hold you accountable to take action to reach your goals.

We are piloting a peer-to-peer coaching project to bring independent CED practitioners together so that they can help each other to thrive in their important work. Each group will bring together six people who may all be doing different kinds of work but will all have similar levels of experience.

The meetings will:

  • be held by videoconference;
  • be 90 minutes long;
  • take place monthly;
  • be managed by a skilled facilitator

Proven Results…

Peer Coaching Groups help you to do your work your way, but with the strong support of a trusted group of peers. Membership has four primary benefits:

  • Expand Your Network – You will regularly share practical advice, contacts, and materials.
  • Learn New Skills – You will learn by applying real-world tools and techniques gained from the other members.
  • Solve Problems – You will tackle and solve complex personal, professional and organizational challenges.
  • Be Supported – You will move forward with the ongoing support of and accountability to a trusted group of peers who are committed to your success.

We know Peer Coaching Groups work because they have been tested and refined with thousands of people from diverse backgrounds over the last 20 years.

"What Kind of Investment Do I Have to Make?"

You can try the first 90-minute session for free, with no obligation to continue. After that, we look for a commitment of five additional sessions, which are scheduled to accommodate your busy life.  Between meetings, you are strongly encouraged to take action toward your goals, and the time for this work will vary from month to month. The total cost for a five-session bundle is $250.00 + HST.

If you're interested in participating in this pilot initiative please provide your contact information below.