CCEDNet - CIDA Peru internships: deadline for applications extended

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CCEDNet has received approval by CIDA's Youth International Program for a project to send three (3) interns to Peru to work with COPEME, a CCEDNet partner organization there.

Partner Organization: COPEME, which is the Spanish acronym for the Consortium of Micro and Small enterprises, is a national second-tier network of organizations which work to support micro and small enterprises in the country including technical assistance and micro finance providers. Interns would be placed in the regional COPEME offices in the municipalities of Chiclayo and Cusco in addition to the national office in Lima.

Internship 1: Technical Support and Training Officer (2 openings)

Project Description: Shortly, COPEME will begin to implement a large national 2-year project funded by the FORD foundation to support micro and small enterprise. In this context, MSEs will receive technical support and training.

Job Description: With COPEME's regional field office manager, the Training and Technical Support Officer will be a part of the team which will design and implement a training and technical support program to respond to the weaknesses identified in regional production and distribution chains, for the greater integration of local MSE to these. The content of the program could include work in the areas of organizational development, management and commercialization, all in accordance with the weaknesses in the production and distribution chains identified.

- Bachelor's Degree in Commerce, Business Administration or other strong business background
- Experience with private sector consortiums
- Proven didactic skill, teaching or presentation experience, Workshop facilitation
- Strong public speaking and oral communication skills
- High degree of oral fluency in Spanish

Key Outputs:
- Barriers to the integration of MSE in production and distribution chains have been identified
- Program for technical support and capacity building has been designed
- Consultations, training sessions and technical support have been given
- Women entrepreneurs are armed with increased skills and knowledge to integrate the production and distribution chains of their regions

Internship 2: Political and Associative Promotion and Support Officer (1 opening)

Project Description: Also in the context of the FORD foundation project, in each municipality, local development committees will be created which include large and small enterprises from the private sector, local civil society groups as well as municipal authorities. Through a consultative process, committees will elaborate local development plans which would permit micro entrepreneurs to link up to the production and distribution chains of their regions.

Job Description: Under the guidance of the regional field office manager, the Political and Associative Promotion and Support Officer will undertake activities to support the work of these groups at the meso level. Interns will support these groups in their consolidation and scaling-up. She will seek to increase the effectiveness of their activities and support them in their democratic governance processes and policy and advocacy work. In the process of her internship, she will encourage their replication through study and dissemination of findings.

- Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, Sociology, or Public Administration
- Strong background in advocacy; knowledge of policy
- Strong writing and oral communication skills in Spanish
- Experience as a facilitator, moderator, and in special events planning.

Key Outputs:
- Support to groups in their consolidation and scaling-up
- Support to groups in their advocacy and policy work
- Groups have organized and implemented activities to support MSEs
- COPEME and its partners dispose of synthesized information for the replication of groups
- Women entrepreneurs have a greater political voice, and have created contacts to increase their integration in the regional production and distribution chains
- Information on CIDA internships has been systematized and diffused through Latin American and Canadian solidarity networks

In addition, prior to their overseas start date, interns will spend six (6) weeks in the CCEDNet offices in Canada where they will fulfill a number of tasks with the objective of giving them training in the social economy. In this context, CCEDNet will provide job coaching and will pay for their participation in CED learning events.

Canadian start date: June 16th
Overseas start date: August 1st

Please send CV and cover letter which outlines applicant's international experience, training and linguistic capacities, in addition to their knowledge of CED and of international development to Alexandre Charron at

The closing date to submit applications is Friday May 23rd. Applicants will be contacted for interviews following this and will be required to be available for in-person or telephone interviews at CCEDNet's expense.


Start Date: 
Mon, 06/16/2008
23 May 2008
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