Community Land Trust Research and Developmental Role (CreateAction Intern)

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Description of the Project:

The Canadian Center for Community Renewal (CCCR) has been working in B.C. to introduce the community land trust tenure as a means of building a segment of the housing market that is affordable in perpetuity. There are two dimensions of work to date that shape this internship position:

In the Capital Region of Victoria, CCCR has animated and supported the development of a multi-stakeholder group made up of several organizations in the co-op, non-profit, municipal and finance sectors that have decided to work together to advance the CLT model in the Capital Region. There is a 6 month stakeholder action plan being finalized. There is also interest in advancing the CLT discussion among several groups in the Metro Vancouver area. Supporting the evolution of the Victoria group, selected policy research and the review and analysis of policies and data relevant to the Metro area of will comprise the general scope of the intern’s work.

The policy related issues/projects that have been identified are as follows:

  1. The provincial property transfer tax (PTT) and the potential of municipalities to be a flow through point for property transfer to a CLT is one. The role of the intern here would be a ‘digging’ role to find secondary sources that clarify the issues and to find the experts to answer the questions.
  2. Building an economic and social case for the CLT model for use with a wide range of groups in B.C., in particular, municipal and provincial politicians and policy makers. This will leverage existing U.S. based research and build a model to extrapolate existing evidence into the lower mainland and capital region markets. The role of the intern here is data gathering and screening, assistance with analysis and presentation of results.

Responsibilities of the Position:

The responsibilities associated with this internship position include:

  • Review and synthesis of background articles, reports and meeting minutes in order to understand the CLT model, benefits and the specific issues and opportunities for the model in the Capital Region and Vancouver.
  • Secretariat supports for the CRD multi-stakeholder group in it’s formative period including scheduling, facilities, documentation for meetings.
  • Design of project communications documents or other tools.
  • Research to identify possible funding sources/partners and working with the multi-stakeholder group to develop proposals.
  • Assisting with research related to the socio-economic case for CLTs.
  • Other research and documentation such as looking into the PTT etc.
  • The internship will be structured to enable the intern to participate in CCEDNet monthly calls with other interns, peer learning and joint project development for 1 day/week.


Must be unemployed, under 30 years of age on April 1, 2013 and have completed a post secondary degree or diploma. Those who have participated in a Career Focus program in the past, or who are currently in receipt of EI are not eligible.

CCCR is looking for demonstrated research skills and ideally some community development or group organizing experience in a relevant field. The ability to communicate with professionals in multiple areas of work, analysis and documentation of results are all important aspects of the work.


The successful applicant will work out of Victoria with some travel to Vancouver (costs are covered by CCCR). The applicant will work both from home and from a partner site in Victoria where work may include collaboration with other student interns.

Apply to:

Please send a cover letter that includes your SIN and your expected learning outcomes related to this position, and a resume, by 4:00 PM Pacific, Friday April 19th, to:

Michelle Colussi:
Mike Lewis:

Please direct all inquiries to Michelle. Please DO share this posting with your networks.

Interviews will be held in or around April 26 or 29th with a start date ASAP and
NO LATER than May 6th.

This position is being offered through the CreateAction Work Experience Program. CreateAction is administered by the Canadian CED Network, with funding provided by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

$15/hour, for 35 hours a week for 25 weeks with mandatory employment benefits.
19 Apr 2013
Canadian Centre for Community Renewal
Victoria  British Columbia