Human Resource Development Officer

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National Federation of Co-operatives for Persons with Disability
Human Resource Development Officer
Location – Philippines
The internship is based in Manila. 
The National Federation of Co-operatives for Persons with Disability (NFCPWD) was founded in 1998 to provide support and services to Persons with Disabilities (PWD) co-ops and to promote co-ops as an alternative vehicle for PWD empowerment and socio-economic rogress. Starting with 5 members, the Federation has grown to include 16 primary co-ops. The organization is entirely owned and staffed by physically disabled persons. The Federation provides training to co-operatives on governance, managerial and technical skills, and health and safety practices. They advocate on behalf of PWDs and for the past 12 years they have bid on procurement contracts from the Department of Education to produce school desks.
The Project
The project centres on the creation of a business development unit (BDU) within the Federation that will support co-op enterprise development and increase income streams at the national and local levels. The BDU will work on business incubation, pilot testing, business needs assessments, investment assistance and other technical services that will facilitate the development of viable and sustainable co-operative enterprise. This more business centered approach will be supported by ongoing capacity trainings, including: providing co-op members with the skills to take on new business lines; management, leadership and governance training; occupational safety and waste management training; and marketing and advocacy training. 
1. Assist with the creation and implementation of orientation processes and material.
2. Support organizational development activities and assist in refining current organizational processes.
3. Research NFCPWD’s current organizational functions and make recommendations to improve effectiveness. 
4. Support organizational restructuring processes with regards to current staff members at NFCPWD.
5. Assist in refining NFCPWD’s organizational processes.
6. Support the design and implementation of training and non-training capacity building initiatives.
7. Research and suggest innovative ways to promote workplace safety.
8. Research and monitor human resource systems in other organizations within the community.
1. Graduated from a recognized university or college program in human resources management, business management or a combination of relevant experience and education.
2. Interest in/knowledge of the social economy – social enterprises, co-operatives. 
3. Effective written communications skills including the ability to prepare reports, proposals, policies and procedures.
4. Effective verbal and listening communications skills.
5. Knowledge of participatory community development approaches and methodologies.
6. Experience in adult education, facilitation of group learning sessions, or focus groups.
7. Problem solving skills.
8. Ability to work collaboratively across cultures.
9. Knowledge of international development.
10. Ability and interest in communicating and interacting effectively with people of different cultures and with different abilities.
11. Demonstrated ability to work in dynamic situations and to be flexible and adapt to change. 
12. Ability to take initiative, set goals, and manage time independently, while seeking guidance and direction from your manager.
13. Proficiency computer skills (Microsoft Office).
IYIP Eligibility Criteria
To be eligible for the international Youth Internship Program, an intern must:
1. Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident legally entitled to work in Canada.
2. Be a post-secondary graduate.
3. Be out of school.
Deadline: Applications will be reviewed as they are submitted
15 Jul 2013