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This two-year project seeks to increase the economic security and prosperity of the women of the Magdalen Islands by engaging community members and organizations in developing strategies to increase women’s access to a broad range of economic options.

CEDEC will lead work with partners and community members to identify opportunities and build plans to increase economic opportunities for the women of the Islands. Building upon strategic partnerships, research and needs assessments, a strategic plan will be developed that will capitalize on local assets and opportunities. The project will address the gaps that are identified by women from both the English and French-speaking populations in order to increase the economic options of all women from the Magdalen Islands.

CEDEC requires the assistance of a consultant in conducting a needs and opportunities assessment using gender-based analysis (GBA). Through the assessment, the consultant will identify specific barriers and gaps that women face in achieving greater economic success, as well as the local opportunities and assets that exist. The needs and opportunities assessment will inform a 3-5 year economic development strategy which will be developed subsequently.


The needs and opportunities assessment will be conducted using consultative and participatory approaches with different cohorts of women as well as representatives from local partner organizations and community leaders. Data will be collected through a minimum of 2 focus groups with women, a minimum of 5 interviews with partner organizations, and a survey completed by a minimum of 25 women.

Using gender-based analysis, the consultant will clearly identify the barriers that women face, their needs, their priorities as well as their opinions regarding the means of addressing the issues in their community. The consultant will develop an inventory of already existing local and regional economic development plans and similar projects or initiatives, taking note of best practices and/or lessons learned. The consultant will also carry out community asset-mapping process through the participatory approaches mentioned above.

Key considerations that should be made in the assessment:

  • The current situation of women in the community taking into consideration decision-making processes, economic resources, physical space, and speaking time in public forums.
  • Strategic interests and practical needs of women
  • Systemic constraints or barriers for increasing economic options of women including gaps in current policies, services and programs
  • Local capacity and will to implement a women’s economic empowerment strategy
  • Community resources and activities that may serve as potential economic opportunities

In the assessment, the consultant will be required to explain how they have ensured that the perspectives of those most affected by the issue of low economic prosperity are included. The consultant must also provide recommendations as to how to address the specific equity/equality and inclusion concerns that have been identified.

Period of Performance

The period of performance for this mandate is 25 days, from September 8, 2014 until October 10, 2014. All work must be scheduled and completed within this timeframe.

Place of Performance

The selected Consultant will be responsible for providing their workspace. The Consultant will travel to the Magdalen Islands to conduct research for a maximum duration of 5 work days. They will be required to meet (in-person/or by teleconference) with the CEDEC project team for a weekly status update. The list below contains the initial milestones identified for the needs assessment:

Consultant’s work plan approved
Project documents and research reviewed
Research collected
First draft of Needs Assessment Report completed
Final draft of Needs Assessment Report completed
September 12, 2014
September 12, 2014
September 19, 2014
October 1, 2014
October 10, 2014


The Consultant will be responsible for performing tasks throughout various stages of this project. The following is a list of the tasks which will result in the successful completion of this project:

Planning Phase (September 12 deadline):

  • Create and present a detailed work plan including schedule to CEDEC Project Manager for review and approval.
  • Review of project materials and already existing research

Implementation Phase (October 1 deadline):

  • Carry out needs and opportunity assessment on Magdalen Islands (September 19 deadline)
  • Analyze survey data and information from focus groups and interviews (October 1 deadline)
  • Generate a draft Needs Assessment Report containing recommendations (October 1 deadline)

Close Out Phase: (October 10 deadline):

  • Incorporate CEDEC feedback into final Needs Assessment Report and submit (October 10 deadline)


  • University degree in social sciences, economics, statistics or other science
  • Proven experience conducting needs and opportunity assessments
  • Proven experience conducting gender-based analysis
  • Bilingual English/French
  • Excellent research skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills
  • Ability to take initiative and work independently

Proposal Submission Guidelines

All submissions should include the following components:

  • Cover Letter
  • Contact Information
  • Information about Consultant and/or Company
  • Work Plan, Relevant Project Experience
  • Three Customer References
  • Detailed Quote

Proposals must be received no later than 5:00 pm on Friday August 8th, 2014 and should be sent via email to the attention of Stacey Dakin Please indicate “Gender Based Analysis” in the subject line.

Questions may be submitted to Stacey Dakin at the above email address.


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CEDEC supports communities by lending planning expertise, and following through by brokering the strategic partnerships that make their plans a reality. CEDEC strives to encourage and empower all small business owners and entrepreneurs, prospective employees, and potential stakeholders with information, expert input, and other resources indispensable in the development and sustainability of new wealth-generating opportunities.


8 Aug 2014