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CEDEC has been studying the unique needs and challenges of educated Black youth in finding meaningful and gainful employment. The Advancing African-Canadian Career Excellence (ACCE) project encourages Black graduates to stay in the province of Quebec and to contribute to the vitality of the Black community as a whole. This initiative hopes to enhance community vitality by supporting educated Black youth by helping them attain meaningful and sustainable employment commensurate with their skills. To meet this objective, CEDEC is soliciting proposals to facilitate four workshops.


Reporting to an Operations Manager, CEDEC seeks to hire a trainer or facilitator to lead its four workshops on Personality Testing, Job Search Techniques, Interview Skills and Cross Cultural Communication. The content for the workshops is prepared; however, the workshops must be delivered and tailored to meet the diverse needs and realities of educated Black youth in Montreal.

1. Workshop delivery
1.1 Module 1: Personality Testing
1.2 Module 2: Job Search Techniques
1.3 Module 3: Interview Skills
1.4 Module 4: Cross-Cultural Communication
2. Post workshop summary report
3. End of contract report
Delivery Date
September 2014
January 2015
September 2015
January 2016
One week after each workshop
One month after contract ends
*Please note that the exact dates and times will be determined.

Duration of contract: The contract will be signed for one year and may be renewable on April 1, 2015.


All submissions should include the following components: Cover Letter, Contact Information, Information about Consultant and/or Company, Work Plan, Relevant Project Experience, Three Customer References, and Detailed Quote.

Proposals must be received no later than 5:00 pm on Friday, August 8, 2014 and should be sent via email to the attention of Stacey Dakin Please indicate “ACCE Workshops” in the subject line.

Questions may be submitted to Stacey Dakin at the above email address.


As Quebec’s only province-wide organization with an economic and labour force development mandate, CEDEC helps communities throughout Quebec to identify, assess, and prepare to act on social, cultural, and economic development opportunities. CEDEC supports communities by lending planning expertise, and following through by brokering the strategic partnerships that make their plans a reality. CEDEC strives to encourage and empower all small business owners and entrepreneurs, prospective employees, and potential stakeholders with information, expert input, and other resources indispensable in the development and sustainability of new wealth-generating opportunities.

8 Aug 2014
Montreal  Quebec