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Community Empowering Enterprises (CEE) is seeking a consultant(s) to lead a small team that will help create a CEE Career Programs Operations Manual, made up of: documents, informational videos and graphics. The manual will capture our model for running career programs and strengthen our overall program design. It will serve as a tool for staff training and the design of future programs in new industries. The work would take place from December 2015 until May 2016.

About Community Empowering Enterprises:

Community Empowering Enterprises (CEE) is dedicated to addressing economic issues affecting Black youth (aged 18-29). We are a growing start-up funded by United Way Toronto through the Youth Challenge Fund. Our mission is to increase economic opportunities for Black youth living in Toronto’s priority neighborhoods, supporting them in the areas of employability, social enterprise, and entrepreneurship. CEE works to ensure that our programming reaches and is accessible to youth who face multiple barriers, such as unemployment, underemployment, conflict with law, being young parents, poverty and lack of secondary or post-secondary education. CEE has run programs and events since 2013.

Career development programs are the core of our work. We are currently running two intensive 7 month programs, the Kitchen Masters culinary program and the Company Challenge Creative business program. Both are targeted to youth who are out-of-school and out-of-work. Both programs include in-class sessions followed by paid job placements. We have a strong multi-disciplinary team of 9 staff and a head office located at Victoria Park and Sheppard. Our programs run within priority communities, in both the West and East ends of the city. Over the last two years our work has received media coverage from various outlets such as the Toronto Star and Global News and we were one of the main agencies featured in United Way Toronto’s 2014 Campaign Video. Our focus on unemployment for youth facing multiple barriers puts us at the forefront of one of the most pressing social issues in Canada.

The Need:

CEE has amassed a strong record of success and significant learnings about serving some of the hardest- to-reach youth in our city. We have developed a unique staffing compliment, curriculum, partnership model, coaching system, evaluation system, and recruitment strategy. All of these elements grew organically over the span of 3 years and live in different documents and in the knowledge base of existing staff. It’s a puzzle where all the pieces exist. All the pieces have to be brought together into one document.

In 2016 United Way Toronto will be executing its Youth Success Strategy (YSS), focused on supporting youth facing multiple barriers to employment. This contract is the core of a YSS Development Grant we have received, which was given to help prepare CEE to be a potential recipient of YSS funding.

The goal of this contract is to capture our evolving and dynamic program design, and turn it into a cohesive package that is still nimble enough to grow with CEE. This is not about building a new program model, rather it’s about assembling and standardizing what we already have. It’s taking our specific programs and capturing the fundamental elements that are core to our work. Where new content needs to be developed, it will be done collaboratively with the same staff team that has developed and delivered the program over the past 3 years. The Operations Manual will allow us to:

  1. Better train future staff.
  2. Establish and document institutional memory.
  3. Have a foundation from which we can scale our work across the city.
  4. Ensure our activities are aligned with evidence and that evidence based terms and language are integrated throughout our model.
  5. Allow our programs to evolve from being personality driven to process driven.
  6. Share our learnings across the sector.

Consultant Role and Contract Deliverables


Under the supervision of the CEE Managing Director, the Lead Consultant will assemble a small design team (including a graphic designer and potentially an additional writer) who will consolidate CEE’s existing material to create the Operations Manual. They will also lead the work of a videography team that will already be in place. Creating the Operations Manual will include re-drafting, updating and expanding existing materials, along with developing graphics, video clips and templates. The final product will assemble all written content into PDF format.

Final Deliverable - The Operations Manual

The final deliverable will look like a document or multiple documents, with accompanying multi-media that captures and standardizes the core elements of CEE’s two concurrent programs into a single CEE Careers Program Model. The focus will be on highlighting the common practices and elements that would form the core of any present or future CEE Career Program. The manual will also include Appendixes that present how the various elements come together with an industry focus in the program plans for Company Challenge Creative and the Kitchen Masters programs. Accompanying video will be captured and edited by a video team that CEE has chosen, who will work under the direction of the lead consultant. Original infographics will need to be produced as needed. The final draft would need to be ready by the end of May 2016.

Core Elements of the Manual

Below are the elements that would be part of the manual. All documents listed currently exist in initial written form, except for the two starred items below. Items that have been identified to include video are also noted. The CEE Program Research will be assembled and fully completed by a separate research team prior to the consultant starting. Existing items may require updates or expansion and all will need some degree of revision to ensure consistency.

General Content

  • Program Logic Model
  • Program Description, Overview, Learning Objectives
  • Program Curriculum (subjects include Health and Wellness, Employment Readiness, Career Planning) will include video
  • Facilitators Guide*
  • Weekly Task Lists*
  • Social Support System Overview
  • Coaching System and Case Notes System
  • General Program Policies and Procedures will include video
  • Job Descriptions and Team Roles
  • Staff Training Overview
  • Program Marketing and Intake Processes
  • Program Evaluation Tools


  • Kitchen Masters and Company Challenge Program Plans
  • CEE Key Research Findings
  • Templates and Forms

Core Tasks

  1. Assemble team required to complete the work, which may include a secondary writer and must include a graphic designer.
  2. Review CEE’s Key Research Findings.
  3. Audit all CEE program material, identifying core elements that will form the basis for the manual and separating them from industry specific materials. As part of this process the consultant will flag areas in need of refinement, expansion or that do not match best practices identified in the literature.
  4. Create a development plan for the Operations Manual.
  5. Facilitate ongoing meetings between the design team, CEE program staff and identified subject matter experts.
  6. Re-draft and edit existing materials to ensure consistency in language and accessibility.
  7. Where required to draft new elements, do so in collaboration with the CEE Program Manager and Program Coordinator.
  8. Coordinate the work of the graphic designer in developing needed graphics/templates and formatting the final product.
  9. Direct the videography team in shooting and editing needed video clips.
  10. Ensure all the elements come together in a final product, presented in a way that allows for the material to be expanded over time.

Required Qualifications:

  • Extensive experience in the design of non-profit programming and curriculum (workshops, lesson plans, trainings sessions, etc.).
  • Excellent writing and editing skills.
  • Experience in leading design processes that involved multiple team members and stakeholders.
  • Experience in developing projects that included multi-media (video, infographics, web-content, etc.).
  • An understanding of the culture and realities of grassroots/start-up non-profit organizations.
  • Experience with social interventions targeted at youth facing barriers.
  • Experience managing the work of design professionals, specifically graphic designers.
  • Commitment to social justice work and anti-oppressive values.
  • Experience in community programming, specifically with marginalized populations.
  • Ability to be spend consistent time working on-site at the CEE office with the Program Team.
  • Asset: Experience with identity based social interventions.

Consultants that work well with CEE:

CEE has worked with a variety of consultants over the past three years as the initiative was built. Below are a series of qualities that have led to our most successful relationships.

  1. Consultants who have an ongoing commitment to our work - we like building long term relationships with consultants who find our work energizing and exciting!
  2. Consultants who have been able to spend time on site and take the time to build meaningful relationships with the members of our team.
  3. Consultants who are able to communicate clearly - without jargon - using accessible language.
  4. Consultants who are strong convenors and facilitators, who can bring together multiple parties and perspectives to create integrated solutions.
  5. Consultants who share our vision to build a more equitable society and create meaningful impact in the lives of Black youth.
  6. Consultants who are interested in reciprocal learning, who learn from us as we learn from them.


We have budgeted $44,000.00 for this work. This would be expected to cover the cost of both the lead consultant, graphic designer and any other required staff.


Proposals should include the following details:

  1. CV’s and/or biographies for the lead consultant(s). If a team is applying, please specify the individual who is the lead and would be most accessible to work directly with the team.
  2. A list of potential graphic designers and/or other support staff you would bring into the team.
  3. A business address, telephone number and website.
  4. A written response to the following questions:
    • What are some of the challenges that can arise when working with emerging/start-up non-profits on a project of this nature?
    • What is your experience working with communities similar to the individuals CEE serves?
    • What is your experience working with programs that are similar to CEE’s?
    • How do you fit with the mission and values of CEE?
    • Please outline your vision of the potential impact this project could have on CEE in the next 5-10 years?
  5. An initial plan for how you would approach the deliverables set by CEE. This would outline how your team would spend its time, what resources would be required, what members would be involved in each task and where they would work from during the delivery of the contract.
  6. Three professional references who could speak to the efficacy of the lead consultant’s previous work.

Decision Criteria

All interested parties who pass the initial screening will be invited for an experiential interview. This will include standard questions and answers, but also an activity to gauge the fit of the consultant’s work-style with the CEE team. Our final decision will be based on the applicants:

  • Experience in delivering similar projects
  • Level of expertise in the key subject matters outlined above
  • The strength of response to the listed questions and clarity of the plan provided
  • Ability to spend time on-site with the CEE Team
  • Ability of the consultants to work collaboratively with the existing team at CEE

If you are interested, or require any clarification, please respond to Kofi Hope, CEE’s Managing Director via email to kofih at ceetoronto.com. Submissions are due by 5pm on November 23rd, 2015.

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