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The Learning Enrichment Foundation is seeking a full time Vice President Finance to join our leadership team.

Now Stop. Take a deep breath, and read this carefully.

LEF is a unique organization that weaves together initiatives and enterprises that serve and support our local community. It’s not just a few either. We currently knit together Settlement Services, Child Care (48 programs in over 29 locations), Employment Supports, Skills Training, Language Training, and Social Enterprise. We have grown and will shortly be over 400 staff with a budget of $20 million. But if you want to join us you need to not just understand the cost of everything, but also the value. We expect you to understand that it is the little things that often have the most impact, and you should not be impressed by size.

LEF works to ensure that our investments and the investments of our partners go to front line impacts. Therefore we are looking for a controller that is passionate about building systems that can scale and are efficient. That means you are comfortable working with people from many different departments, with many different skills, and many different idiosyncrasies, and from that messiness you will enable us to continue to get the reports out, and get critical information into the hands of those that need it.

So what about your team? Your team of 5 is incredible. You will love them. You will nurture them. You will protect them, and help them, each of them, to grow in your profession. Yes all this while sharing the knowledge of the team by integrating community members into our operations so that they too can learn.

Crazy ideas most often lay the groundwork for excellent ideas that transform. You are not afraid of them. You question, but you understand and will work with us to unpack one after another after another as we explore new things to do, new opportunities for our community, and innovative ways to do what we already do.

Oh yes! – Our Board and Auditors will demand that you have some knowledge of the sector and a solid grip on the rules and regulations that bind us and that we work within. This is a given – not a definition of who you are.

For all the fun of this job positing, we take our work seriously. Nothing can hurt the fabulous foundation that we have. Community comes first.

Interested candidates should forward their applications to our HR department, Rafia Hasan, at rhasan at by January 15th, 2016. (Take a little time to show us how you will fit in and help us to flourish, and if you are intrigued with this posting – don’t feel you need to wait – just send it in and see what happens.)

The Learning Enrichment Foundation is committed to providing accessible service and employment to all individuals (the public and the staff) and to treat them with respect and dignity. We are committed to ensure that persons with disabilities have the same opportunities to access employment and benefit from our services in the same place and in a similar way as others, and to the removal of any barrier that may impede full accessibility for people with disabilities. LEF is committed to complying with if you require accommodations, please contact us at: 416-760-2561

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15 Jan 2016
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