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TREC is a non-profit incubator of renewable energy co-ops and a service provider to the community power and social finance spaces. TREC provides financial administration services and investor/member management services to rapidly growing organisations in these fields. These services bring our 17 years of experience in raising community financing and developing and operating projects to our clients, providing the expertise and back-end support growing organisations need to achieve their community and business objectives.


The Services Coordinator is responsible for assisting in the delivery of services to TREC’s co-op clients, primarily in Administration and Member Management roles. The successful candidate will be expected to complete work according to an established schedule and practice acute attention to detail. The Services Coordinator will also be expected to provide front-facing customer service to TREC’s clients and their member investors. For example: responding to calls and emails, tracking new requests, updating personal and financial information, answering inquiries about TREC’s clients, and others as they arise.

Candidates who wish to join the TREC team must have demonstrable numeracy and data management (i.e., well versed in Excel and database management) and mathematical abilities. The Services Co-ordinator must also be comfortable speaking to vendors, customers and third parties associated with TREC’s clients and projects. Patience, attention to detail and respect for processes and protocols is essential, as TREC takes the privacy and security of our clients very seriously.

Our Services Co-ordinator must also be able to multi-task and effectively stop-and-start workflows. At TREC, interruptions and new tasks develop often, some requiring immediate attention and short timelines for completion. Furthermore, workload fluctuates on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis. With that in mind, a sense of urgency is expected during high demand periods. In addition to the day-to-day workload, filings, implementing efficiencies, etc., are additional tasks that we expect the Services Coordinator to fulfill during low demand periods.

This is a unique opportunity in an expanding sector, introducing the successful candidate to every day operations of social finance and renewable energy co-ops. TREC has a strong team ethos with committed, passionate and very talented staff.


As the Services Co-ordinator, you will be expected to perform the following tasks across multiple organisations:


  • Assist the Finance Manager with daily book-keeping tasks to produce financial statements for TREC’s clients
  • Assist with the completion of monthly accounting workbooks by collecting data from various sources (e.g. on-line meters, databases, etc.)
  • Assist with the annual audits of our clients, annual tax filings and HST filings with the CRA

Accounts Payable/Receivable

  • Create payment requisitions and invoices for our co-op clients on a weekly basis, ensuring that bills are paid correctly and on-time
  • Assist with cash management procedures, including preparing fund transfer documents and authorisation
  • Work with the Services team to track and record payables/receivables

Member/Investor Management

  • Process membership forms and investment applications
  • Generate and arrange for delivery of investment paper work and approvals to our clients’ members
  • Manage e-mails, telephone calls and communications from our clients’ members compliant with customer service standards
  • Process yield distributions for members/investors of our clients on a pre-determined schedule using TREC’s infrastructure
  • Process tax forms for our clients and members
  • Track memberships and investments for our clients using prescribed reporting templates
  • Pull membership reports for our clients upon their request with a pre-determined turn around time

Investment Management

  • Manage investments in projects by:
    • Tracking interest earned on current investments
    • Coordinating further investment or repayment of interest/principle as directed
    • Managing permissions for the transfer of funds
    • Following up to ensure funds are dispersed as directed and keep in-house documentation and tracking up to date and secure


  • Physical filing by client
  • Scanning documents and digital filing by client and topic
  • Co-ordinating couriers and preparing mail-outs


  • Strong organizational and data management abilities
  • Ability to follow established protocols, but demonstrate flexibility to adapt to interruptions
  • Experience in one-on-one customer service over the phone or e-mail
  • Extreme diligence and strong attention to detail
  • Strong knowledge of math
  • Ability to work with spreadsheets with large amounts of data and functions
  • Familiarity with investment structures an asset (e.g. comfort with investment terms, return on investments, equity vs. debt, etc.)
  • Previous book-keeping/accounting skills and technical skills an asset
Time Commitment:    37.5 hours/week, working between the hours 9am to 5pm
Wage: $35,000 - $37,000 commensurate with experience, 3 weeks of vacation and health and welfare benefits allowance offered post-probation
Start Date:  11 April 2016
Interviews:  Interviews will be held the week of March 28th

How to apply:

Please send cover letter and resume as a single PDF with a file name (lastname.firstname) to: jobs at*
by Thursday 24th March 2016, 9:00am. In your cover letter please outline skills and experience related specifically to the areas of responsibility outlined above and why you want to work for TREC.

*No phone calls or in-person inquires please

TREC is an equal opportunity employer, all candidates will be assessed equally. No applicant for employment TREC shall be subjected to discrimination for any reason, including race, colour, gender, national origin, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation or other status. We would be happy to provide accommodation during an interview if required.

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24 Mar 2016
TREC Renewable Energy Co-op
Toronto  Ontario