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Formed in June 2015 by the Town of Fogo Island, Shorefast Foundation, and the Fogo Island Cooperative Society to promote and facilitate community economic development on Fogo Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, the Fogo Island Economic Development Partnership is now seeking a Community Economic Development Officer to help it achieve the following mandate:

  1. To create jobs through a strong and viable SME (small- and medium- sized business) sector on Fogo Island;
  2. To promote and facilitate the expansion and start-up of SMEs, particularly those:
    1. That are based on our core assets and strengths; and
    2. That can benefit from the spin-off opportunities associated with the fishery and geotourism sectors as well as municipal and other public sector operations;
  3. To encourage the growth of a positive entrepreneurial culture, including initiatives related to youth training and development;
  4. To promote and facilitate the development and implementation of infrastructure required for community economic development (e.g., transportation, IT and gathering data/knowledge about our community (community mapping));
  5. To develop and foster a unified community economic development vision for Fogo Island today and over time; and,
  6. To help Fogo Island survive and flourish in an increasingly globalized world.

The Community Economic Development Officer will be responsible for:

  1. Setting up and operating a Community Business Centre/Office of the CEDO on the Island that would:
    1. Be the Island's "one-stop" service centre for SMEs;
    2. Identify opportunities for existing and new SMEs to provide goods and services;
    3. Identify challenges and potential solutions to local community economic development;
    4. Provide information on how to start or expand a business (topics could include business plan writing, budgeting, financing models, etc.);
    5. Provide training and resources to assist the SME sector to identify and access new markets for current and potential products/services in order to enhance product quality and financial success;
    6. Identify ways to access capital;
    7. Facilitate business networking opportunities and the establishment of a Board of Trade-type organization for Fogo Island;
    8. Connect Fogo Island's SME sector to the rest of the world ¡V regionally, nationally, globally through education and forging relationships with others in art, design, commerce, etc.;
  2. Support the recruitment and retention of workers on Fogo Island;
  3. Provide a forum for the Partners to share information and ideas to inform their own strategies and decisions that relate to community economic development;
  4. Consult with, and account to, the community on the work of the Community Economic Development Partnership.

The Community Economic Development Officer should have the following

  • A solid understanding of community economic development approaches
  • A solid understanding of what it is like to live and work in a remote place
  • Relevant successful experience and educational qualifications

In addition, the Community Economic Development Officer should have:

  •  A positive attitude
  •  Exceptional judgement and discretion
  •  Exceptional leadership skills
  •  Great relationship building and managing skills
  •  The ability to work well independently and as part of a team
  •  Ability to set and achieve goals
  •  Exceptional problem solving abilities
  •  Excellent oral and written communication skills
  •  Patience and a great sense of humour

The nature of this role requires full-time residence on Fogo Island, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Please apply by November 21, 2016. However, this opportunity will remain open until filled. Please send your confidential resume, including the names of three references, to:

Allison Kouzovnikov
Chair, Fogo Island Economic Development Partnership
Email: ak at

SOURCE: Fogo Island Economic Development Partnership

21 Nov 2016
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