Full Stack Web Developer and Administrator

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Full Stack Web Developer and Administrator
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Primary Duties

1. Websites/web applications/custom software:

  • Integrate web designs with CMS, newsletter, e-commerce and other software including custom solutions
  • Do any custom programming, configuration, and other work related to software prior to deployment.
  • Provide training as needed for either end users or account representatives.
  • Deploying the software in conjunction with technical support team.
  • Support any requests related to such software
  • Research, evaluate and implement new and related technologies that provide value to the software product

2. Internal projects:

  • Provide support, consultation, and software development for any internal projects as required (could include the initiation of, or follow through on, new products and services)

3. Service Clients:

  • Provide timely expert advice and support to clients for web site, and FTP tools as well as any other technologies.
  • Advance and complete client projects according to their timelines, requirements, and priorities.
  • Identify and service needs proactively
  • Provide technical support internally, related to the company's computer systems, network, and other supported hardware.


Decision-Making Authority

  • Can suggest solutions (including software to be used, job costing, outsourcing of development, and other key project decisions) pending approval by supervisor. Can schedule own working hours within parameters set out by supervisor (project schedules, scheduled meetings, etc).

Education & Training Requirements

  • Web and database programming experience is essential, and may super-cede any formal education if there is a reasonable body of work or portfolio as proof of experience.
  • Must self-train on new technologies and be willing to take courses, as directed, to advance knowledge in areas required for our product and service development.
  • Must be comfortable learning new technologies, programming languages, and software systems ‘on the fly’.

Experience Requirements

  • Programming: ASP; ASP.NET; SQL/Access; Javascript; HTML; Crystal Reports development; Windows Server technologies; IIS configuration; DNN deployment, configuration, and module development; understanding of e-commerce and payment gateway configuration; other web technologies (e.g. PHP, MySQL, perl, blogging systems, newsletter template systems, etc).
  • Project & time management (in terms of gathering specifications, designing a solution, estimating and managing the time and resources required, software development best practices, management of outsourcing).
  • Experience with AWS (Hosting) / docker
  • Experience with git, one of the following: GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab)

Other Key Skill Areas

  • Client relationship management; time management; working with a team and alone; self-motivating/ directing/evaluating; acting as a technical resource to others; training end users; etc.
  • Thorough understanding & appreciation for the meaning of service
  • Confidentiality of all company & client information and/or business practices
  • Best practices balanced with company budget & goals
  • May research and evaluate a variety of interactive

Performance Measurement

  • Projects completed on time/on budget; satisfied clients.
  • On a project-by-project basis: billable hours targets set and achieved.
  • Contributions to, and creation of, new products and services.
  • Building team capabilities and doing your part to make this a place people want to work.
  • Happy & satisfied customer(s) from the timely building and fixing of the product
  • Account for at least 40hrs of time by week by keeping timesheet & reporting done daily (complete log of time daily)
  • Use project system to report task(s) progress & completion
  • Jobs done promptly & responsibly


This is a full-time position, with an annual compensation agreement subject to renewal. Compensation includes an annual salary of $65,000, plus annual professional development support, and co-paid benefits. Compensation also includes 3 weeks of vacation.

Common Good Solutions Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

To apply, email a resume and cover letter to stephanie at commongoodsolutions.ca. This posting will be open until the position is filled, when it will be removed from our website: commongoodsolutions.ca

19 Dec 2016
Common Good Solutions
Halifax  Nova Scotia