CoopZone On-Line Training: Market Study RFP

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CoopZone’s Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: To be a catalyst for co-op developers and professional service providers to foster the social economy through the development of co-operatives.

Vision: A leader in the development of co-operatives in Canada.

Values: CoopZone adheres to and champions the co-operative values and principles. 

CoopZone is a network of people and organizations which help others to start and develop co-operatives.  Each year, CoopZone offers two on-line co-operative development courses:

  1. The Introductory Course is appropriate for people interested in understanding the types and roles of co-ops and the basic co-op development process but who will not be active developers; it runs from mid-October through April.
  2. The Advanced Program, lasts for two years and both years will be offered each year if there is sufficient demand. This level is designed for people who seek to provide full development services to co-operatives. Each level is designed to take a few hours per week. For more information: click here.

When CoopZone started its on-line co-op development training program in 2010, we created two marketing documents that consultants may request for review:

  1. CoopZone Training Programs Market Value
  2. Marketing the Co-operative Development Program: The Basic Program

Description of the Scope of Work:

CoopZone is hiring a consultant to perform a market study regarding the target markets for its on-line training courses.

The objective of the market study is to identify potential target markets for the CZ on-line training program for four geographic markets: BC, Prairie provinces, Ontario and the Atlantic provinces. (Quebec will not be included in our market study.)

Consultant Qualifications: 

We are looking for an experienced marketing/research consultant with a broad co-op background who already has a good understanding of the co-op movement across Canada.

Members of our Training Committee will work together with the consultant and will provide coaching and direction for each of the four geographic regions.

The market study will include:

  1. Situational Scan: What is the provincial/regional situation regarding co-op development awareness? What is the potential demand for co-op development services? What resources and services are currently available? Is there competition or similar courses/resources being offered in the regions? What specific co-op development services and resources are available for Indigenous communities?
  2. Who are the target audiences? Demographics: Age, education, experience, urban, rural; Organizations that may be involved in CED, Social Enterprise development, etc.
  3. The regional research/scan will be compiled into a draft report for review and feedback and this feedback will be integrated into a final report. 

         Draft Outline for the Report:
              Executive Summary
              Introduction and background
              Situational Scan
              Regional discussion
              Competition or complimentary programs
              Target audiences in the regions
              Conclusions and recommendations

Budget: $7,500 including tax.

Contact: Amine El Hafa - amine.elhafa at

Date: Proposals are due by May 15, 2019 (11:59pm ET).

Timeline: June 15 to September 30, 2019.

15 May 2019
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