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The Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD) is seeking a new Financial Officer to work in its Winnipeg office. The position will be three days per week to begin with the possibility of expansion over time. Interested candidates may apply in writing by September 1, 2019. Please send your CV and a covering letter to ccd at


  • Maintain all financial records in accordance with generally acceptable accounting principles.
  • Provide financial reporting on a timely basis to the National Coordinator, Council / Executive / Chair, funding bodies and membership as required.
  • Maintain fiscal responsibility over core funds, and project-based funds in accordance with any identified grant or contribution agreement stipulations.
  • Ensure that all required invoices are prepared and payments made on a timely basis (manage payables and receivables).
  • Manage payroll.
  • Coordinate the annual audit.
  • Accept donations and issue charitable receipts.
  • Provide additional support and input into Committee research and discussions, as requested.


  • Communications: Ability to work with CCD financial supporters (governments grantors, etc.).  Effective financial communications with National Coordinator, Chair, Executive, and Council members.
  • Team Work: Operate in cooperation with National Coordinator and Council members
  • Problem Solving: Address minor financial issues and provide recommendations / options for financial decision-making.
  • Self-Management: Ability to work independently and recognize where further decision-making is required beyond the scope of the position.
  • Planning: Regular financial reporting and audit
  • Technology: Current technology relevant to financial reporting and payroll systems.
  • Qualifications: Accredited financial management or extensive demonstrated experience.
  • Experience: Minimum of five years in financial management with a not-for-profit organization.


We will offer a competitive compensation package based upon qualifications and experience.
Start Date: 
Sun, 09/15/2019
1 Sep 2019
Council of Canadians with Disabilities
909-294 Portage Ave
Winnipeg  Manitoba  R3C 0B9
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