The Fireweed Fellowship Program

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The Fireweed Fellowship is the first national accelerator program for Indigenous entrepreneurship in Canada.

The program will consist of a 10-month-long, immersive, cohort-style fellowship program combining online educational sessions, self-directed on-the-land learning and leadership development. Additionally the program offers peer support, one-on-one coaching, mentorship, pro-bono professional services as well as investment-readiness prep. 

This program is co-created with, and informed by, knowledge keepers, business leaders and our Indigenous program team. Programming will examine alternative economic models and perspectives and will be guided by the inherent wisdom and deep knowing of our ancestors. We will explore the individual and cultural value of entrepreneurship with a decolonial lens, and celebrate the strength of Indigenous world-views.

COVID: While our long-term vision remains the same we recognize that there is an overwhelming need to focus on recovery and resilience in response to the economic downturn as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This downturn combined with challenging changes in work circumstance - working from home, home-school children, impacted incomes and so on - requires a culturally supportive approach in response. We are exploring and testing several pivots to our delivery model harnessing our resources and networks to best serve Indigenous Entrepreneurs across Canada. This MAY include providing tech hardware, connectivity support and resources for child-care.

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20 Jul 2020
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