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Location: Anywhere in Canada. Remote work.
Compensation: $90,000-$125,000 annually

About the Common Approach to Impact Measurement
The Common Approach is comprised of four flexible impact measurement standards and a community to drive them forward. What sets the Common Approach apart is its ambition for a flexible framework – we are enabling the mapping of impact data in a way that creates sets of aggregated, “big picture” information. Our standards are community-driven, which means that social purpose organizations can lead the way in advancing the field of social impact measurement.

We are just getting rolling when it comes to bringing our flexible standard out into the world. We are currently a team of four, backed by a talented and diverse governance group and an all-star network of partners. Think of us as an early-stage start-up, with potential for moon-reaching growth!

About the role

The role of our Strategy and Operations Lead is akin to that of an orchestra conductor! A conductor has a vision for each piece of music and knows how to bring the necessary parts together to make a cohesive whole. The Common Approach’s four standards span a range of subjects, including impact measurement, performance measurement and evaluation, social innovation, social finance, social purpose organizations, network governance models, standard setting, data governance, data ontologies and exchange languages, and software development. 

The Strategy and Operations Lead need not be versed in each of these areas, yet they must know enough to meaningfully shape the vision and strategy of the Common Approach and to support a staff team and community of experts in advancing its work. The role is effectively a Chief Operating Officer position, but who’s kidding who?! We’re a small start-up. You’ll also be the Chief Doer of All Things.

Key areas of responsibility include:

  • Strategy and Proof of Concept Development: The Common Approach’s four flexible standards are in various stages of development, from research to pilot testing to implementation. Working with Common Approach staff and partners, you will create a robust plan to test a Proof of Concept for each standard, leveraging the results to inform and refine the organization’s 5-year strategic plan.
  • Operations and Financial Management: 
    • You will be responsible for collaboratively developing and delivering on the resulting operating plan, with a focus on building a sustainable network and strengthening the Common Approach’s community of users.
    • You will oversee the expense control system, including bookkeeper supervision, and lead the annual budgeting and planning process alongside the Executive Director. This work includes administering all financial plans and budgets, monitoring progress and changes, and keeping the governance group informed of the organization’s financial and operational status.
    • You will support the Executive Director with fundraising and investment activities, including strategic planning, pitching, grant writing, and grant and investment management. 
    • You will thoughtfully allocate organizational resources in delivering on the operating plan, implementing new system supports and/or maintaining existing ones to minimize administrative burden and increase team effectiveness.
  • Human Resources and Performance Management:
    • You will provide a strong day-to-day leadership presence for all staff and help to guide team members in their individual work to achieve organizational goals. As the Common Approach grows, you will be instrumental in building a deeply ambitious, fun, and results-driven culture.
    • You will help to develop and manage internal Human Resources policies and systems, staying on top of employment trends and best practices. 
    • You will lead the impact measurement strategy for the organization, leveraging the Common Foundations to measure and report on progress, and improve on results.

About you

  • You are a proven leader with an expert superpower: You have experience leading large collaborations, multi-million-dollar budgets, and entrepreneurial teams. You have “superpower” expertise in at least one of the following domains: Evaluation, accounting and financial management, software development, and standard setting.
  • You are a versatile strategic thinker and a community-driven entrepreneur at heart: The users of the Common Approach function in both for-profit and non-profit environments. You are a skilled strategic thinker who enjoys working in both spaces and can code-switch to address a diversity of perspectives and approaches. You know how to build a business model and case for support, and you know how to sell and sustain it. You also understand the nimbleness that’s needed to flourish in a start-up environment. 
  • You are tech-savvy and data-informed: You're comfortable with selecting, implementing, and using a wide variety of Information Technology tools and systems to fuel the goals of an organization. You insist on high-quality data to inform your decision-making.
  • You are knowledgeable and passionate about social impact measurement and innovation: You understand and believe in the power of impact measurement to create a more just, equitable world and are keen to help advance the field for this purpose. You have working knowledge of social justice issues within the context of the Canadian innovation ecosystem. 

Why the Common Approach?
In our start-up environment, you’ll gain experience working across many different domains and projects. With opportunities at every turn and a culture committed to developing people to be the very best they can be, this role is designed for you to learn, create, connect, and grow as a leader. 

The next step is yours
Send us a short letter and your resume to, highlighting your experience producing content, your ability to successfully prioritize projects, and your bilingual skill set. We may ask to see your portfolio and reach out for an interview.
We are looking to hire a diverse team. Right now, we are all able-bodied, cis-gender women in urban locations, so applicants from people who are not that are extra welcome.
Position open until filled. First round of application reviews begin on May 6th.

31 May 2021
Common Approach to Impact Measurement
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