Add Your Voice to Manitoba’s New Non-Profit Strategy Consultation

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The Province of Manitoba is developing a new non-profit strategy.

The stated intention behind the strategy is to build capacity and promote sustainability in the non-profit sector, in order to guide future spending. It will likely lead to changes in the sector for years to come. The province’s purported goal is to strengthen the non-profit sector through greater sustainability, positive outcomes, and increased philanthropy & charitable giving.

In Manitoba, community-based organizations have led crucial work strengthening our province’s communities and have helped build local economies that benefit everyone.

Our Network membership has called for many years for a strategic approach to supporting community-based organizations and the role they play in community development and community economic development. Cutting red tape and ensuring value for provincial money through targeted, strategic investments, multi-year funding, and strong collaboration between community and government is a key ask of the non-profit sector.

A new strategy for the Province of Manitoba must uplift and centre the crucial work of community-based organizations and ensure access to resources needed to achieve essential community development initiatives.

However, the lack of involvement from the sector so far in developing the consultation process, as well as a lack of consultation and serious concerns with the new Building Sustainable Communities Program, has been very worrying.

Add your voice to the online consultation.

How to Get Involved

  • It’s essential that the government hear from as many community-based organization volunteers, staff, participants, and funders as possible through their consultation.
  • The in-person consultation in Winnipeg was held on May 9, however there are still opportunities in Brandon on June 21 and Thompson on June 25.
  • Online consultation can be completed in English or French. Online consultation is open until midnight on June 30, 2019.
  • The province will accept written submissions by email at until June 30.
  • Further information about the Province of Manitoba’s plan can be found in their discussion paper.
  • Watch for our discussion paper in the coming weeks on the direction of the province’s non-profit strategy.

Want some help filling out the survey or contributing to the consultation? Or, want to get involved in organizing around funding and community development?

Contact Michael Barkman, CCEDNet Manitoba Public Policy Coordinator, at

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