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Manitoba Budget 2014 Invests in CED & Poverty Reduction

Budget 2014 is a strong response by the Government of Manitoba to the priorities that our members have identified as being essential for our mission of reducing poverty and creating economic opportunities for individuals, families and communities that currently do not share equitably from the benefits of our economy. Budgets are statements of values and priorities, and Budget 2014 clearly aligns with the values and priorities of our members.  Read more >>

Next CCEDNet Webinars: UN Sustainability Goals and Social Return Intelligence Suite

On March 28th, speakers from the North-South Institute (NSI) and the Intercontinental Network for the Promotion of the Social Solidarity Economy (RIPESS) will explore the process for developing the United Nations' post-2015 Development Agenda and the prospects for securing a greater role for the social solidarity economy in the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Then, on April 8th, we are partnering again with GlobalMeasures Initiative to present the Social Return Intelligence Suite, a powerful tool for measuring your social impact. Learn more and register here >>

Contribute to Canada's First Plan for Economic Development of Official Language Minority Communities

Two members of the Canadian CED Network, RDÉE Canada and CEDEC, are carrying out an online consultation to inform the first Canadian Plan for Economic Development of Official Language Minority Communities. The survey deadline is March 14, so take a few minutes to voice your opinion today and stayed tuned for opportunities to participate in discussion groups.  Read more >>

2014 Federal Budget - CED Highlights

The Government of Canada released its 2014 budget, The Road to Balance: Creating Jobs and Opportunities, on February 11th. To save you the time you'd spend scouring the 400+ page document for commitments to CED, we've summarized the relevant points for you. Read more >>

Rules for Canadian Charities Operating a 'Related Business'

On March 11th, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will be holding a webinar for Canadian charities to bring clarity to the CRA definitions regarding what a business is, what 'carrying on' a business means, and what 'related' and 'unrelated' businesses are. Read more >>

Canada Business Network Presents a New Social Enterprise Portal

Industry Canada's Canada Business Network has developed a new non-profit social enterprise portal to address topics like funding, financing, business plan development, regulation, and taxation. Anne Jamieson, Senior Manager of the Toronto Enterprise Fund and affiliate of enp Canada, noted that this is "a welcome sign that Industry Canada is beginning to recognize social enterprises as legitimate businesses." Read more >>

New Economy Coalition relaunches Youth and Student Grants Program

Have you got a great idea for building and/or supporting a new economy in your hometown that prioritizes people, place and planet?  The New Economy Coalition wants to help you through their Youth and Student Grants Program. Pitch your idea for a convening, project or campaign now and receive a small grant (up to $5,000). Read more >>

2014 AGM - Call for Nominations and Resolutions

In advance of the May 29th Annual General Meeting, the Canadian CED Network is seeking nominations for four positions on the Board of Directors. Members with energy and a vision for the CED movement in Canada are encouraged to submit their candidacy by April 8, 2014. Members are also invited to submit resolutions to be presented at the AGM. Read more >>

Renew Your Membership Today!

All members of the Canadian CED Network should now have received an email containing an invitation to renew their membership and a review our accomplishments in 2013. Please take a moment today to renew your membership online, if you have not already. If you were not a member in 2013 now is a great time to join a growing movement to create more inclusive and sustainable communities. Read more >>


CED Resources


Community Supports for Immigrant Entrepreneurship Webinar Recording

On February 11th Dennis Chute, CEO of Wildman Enterprises, and Jacqueline Bazompora, Loan Circle Coordinator for the Montréal Community Loan Association, shared their experiences providing entrepreneurship supports for immigrants. If you missed this webinar you can still benefit from their insights by checking out the webinar recording.  Other past webinars on youth employment, CED investment funds, social impact bonds, and social return on investment are also available. Read more >>

Innovations in Microbusiness: Enhancing the financial Security of Low-Income Entrepreneurs

This report by the Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED) offers an overview of emerging models of practice, including lessons learned from their microbusiness development partners and similar efforts by other organizations. CFED offers analysis of the scalability of these practices and their capacity to reach many more financially vulnerable entrepreneurs with the products and services they need most. CFED also identifies areas of practice where more innovation is needed to ensure that low- and moderate-income (LMI) microbusiness owners have access to the resources that effectively contribute to improvements in financial security. Read more >>

Community Economic Development and Poverty in Canada: Government and Policy

This study, by former MP Tony Martin, looks at the potential for CED to be a catalyst, or to play a central role, in a national anti-poverty strategy. The study concludes that there certainly is potential for CED to play this role, but it will require a commitment by all partners to be open to the contributions and efforts of others, collaborative action and a sincere focus on the needs of fragile and abandoned communities. Read more >>

OECD Reviews on Local Jobs Creation: Employment and Skills Strategies in Australia

A new report from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development finds that local employment and training agencies could play a greater role in contributing to both job creation and productivity. The report, Employment and Skills Strategies in Australia, emphasises the importance of better coordinating employment and training programmes, to ensure alignment with employer needs while better tackling unemployment, addressing skills shortages and helping young people find jobs. Read more >>

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Events Calendar

Ways to Monetize Your Passion | Creative Entrepreneurship
March 11 | Webinar

Unleashing Local Capital: Pre-Feasibility Workshop
March 11 | Stony Plain, AB

Rules for Canadian Charities Operating a 'Related Business'
March 11 | Webinar

Education for Co-operation: How do we educate co-operators?
March 12 | Webinar

Introduction to Unleashing Local Capital: Free Webinar
March 12 | Webinar

Community Broadband Networks
March 13 | Teleconference

Impact Ontario
March 18-20 | Toronto, ON

Wise & Enjoyable Co-operative Governance
March 19 | Webinar

Demonstrating Value for Local Food Funders
March 19 | Vancouver, BC

Charity Law Seminar – Legal Issues in Human Resource Management
March 19 | Winnipeg, MB

Introduction to Social Enterprise
March 20 | Webinar

Living Wage Leaders Gathering 2014
March 25 | Toronto, ON

Deepening Community: Finding Joy Together in Chaotic Times with Paul Born and Peter Block
March 27 | Webinar

Embedding CED and the Social Solidarity Economy in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
March 28 | Webinar

Build & Grow Your Social Enterprise
April 1 | Winnipeg, MB

Champions for Change: Leading a Backbone Organization for Collective Impact
April 1-3 | Vancouver, BC

Social Enterprise Catalyst
April 2 | Victoria, BC

4th CRISES International Conference - 2014
April 3-4 | Montréal, QC

Collective Impact & Community Change
April 7 | Medicine Hat, AB

2014 Economic Revitalization Conference
April 7 | Kingston, ON

CCEDNet GlobalMeasures Initiative
April 8 | Webinar

Connecting Strategy, Evaluation, and Learning in Your Organization
April 9 | Webinar

Growing a Creative Economy, A Conference for Creativity, Collaboration & Change
April 14 | Sydney, NS

Propelling Social Ventures Conference 2014
April 15 | Vancouver, BC

Charity Law Seminar Series – Administrative Law Principles
April 16 | Winnipeg, MB

Social Enterprise Heroes/Social Enterprise Day of Learning
April 16 | Vancouver, BC

Social Enterprise Development Dialogue
April 24 | Saint John, NB

Co-operative Consumption and the Rise of the Sharing Economy
April 25 | Saskatoon, SK

Social Venture Institute Vancouver Women
April 29 | Vancouver, BC

46th Annual Congress on Housing & Homelessness
April 29-May 2 |  Edmonton, AB

Rural Economic Summit of Ontario
April 30-May 2 | Rockland, ON

Healthy Resilient Communities – 2014 Community Service Learning and Community Engagement Conference
May 28-May30 | Ottawa, ON

Seventh Annual ANSER Conference
May 28-May 30 | St. Catherines, ON

CommonBound: Moving Together Toward A New Economy
June 6-June 8 | Boston, MS

Celebrating our Common Wealth: An International Gathering
Jun 9-11 | Glasgow, Scotland

People's Social Forum
August 21-24 | Ottawa, ON

Social Venture Institute Hollyhock
September 10-14 | Cortes Island, BB

Ontario Nonprofit Network Conference 2014
September 18 | Toronto, ON

Cando's 21st Annual National Conference & Annual General Meeting
September 22-25 | Nanaimo, BC

Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation's 2014 Fall Conference
September 25-28 | Prince George, BC

EDAC's 46th Annual Professional Development Conference
September 27-30 | Calgary, AB

International Summit of Cooperatives 2014
October 6-9 | Prince George, BC

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