National CED News: September 25, 2014

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National CED News

Grow Strong Independent Business and Vibrant Local Economies

On October 7th, Jeff Milchen, Co-founder of the American Independent Business Alliance, will share experiences and successes in the US around how to build more durable and diverse local economies. In this webinar Jeff will present the organizing model pioneered by AMIBA and key insights on how to create effective local alliances and successful buy-local campaigns. Read more >>

Be Part of New Economy Week 2014

"What would it take to build the economy we need, one that works for people, place, and planet?" This is the central question the New Economy Coalition is asking October 13-19. Also Co-op Week, this is an opportunity to explore some of the compelling alternatives being explored around the world that are addressing this very question. Read more >>

The People's Climate March and CED

"We can't change the laws of nature.  But we can change our broken economy," says Naomi Klein in the trailer for her new book This Changes Everything. CED offers solutions towards this change, modelling how our economy can be based on more than the destructive quest for profit. Read more >>

Recommendations for Mobilizing Private Capital for Public Good

Canada's National Advisory Board to the Social Impact Investment Taskforce has launched their report highlighting Canada's priorities for Mobilizing Private Capital for Public Good. Read more >>

Saskatchewan Renews Support for Immigrant Access Fund

The Immigrant Access Fund of Saskatchewan, along with CCEDNet members SEED Winnipeg and l'Association Communautaire d’emprunt de Montréal, was involved in the Government of Canada's Foreign Credential Recogntion Loans Pilot Project in 2011. Now the Government of Saskatchewan is stepping in to renew its funding. Read more >>

CED Resources


Getting a Grip on the Terminology the Social Solidarity Economy

Expressions such as solidarity economy, social economy or social and solidarity economy have been in use for about twenty years. As a person involved for many years within these and other related spcial movements, CCEDNet member Yvon Poirier, has pulled on his experiences and conenctions with others involved in similar areas across the world to shed light on the different meanings and interpretations of these terms. Read more >>

Can Social Enterprise Enhance Health and Well-Being?

This is a first attempt to review evidence on the outcomes of social enterprise involvement in healthcare and in the ability of social enterprise to address health inequalities more widely through action on the social determinants of health. Read more >>

Learn About the Roots of CED: The Antigonish Movement

The Antigonish Movement was an inspiration to co-operative and community economic development across Canada and in the United States. Learn about the effort of priests and educators to educate the people by assisting them to become masters of their own economic destiny. Read more >>

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Events Calendar

Building Your Social Enterprise Workshop
September 25 | Vancouver, BC

Measuring Your Local Impact
September 25 | Webinar

Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation's 2014 Fall Conference
September 25-28 | Prince George, BC

Innovation Leadership Program: New Change Strategies for a Complex World
September 25-30 | Haida Gwaii, BC

EDAC's 46th Annual Professional Development Conference
September 27-30 | Calgary, AB

The New Regulatory Regime for Social Enterprise in Canada
September 29 | Webinar

Northwest Earth Institute’s Model for Community Building and Transformative Learning
September 30 | Webinar

Social Innovation & Resilience in Cities series launch with Chiara Camponeschi
September 30 | Webinar

The Co-op Model: Could Shared Ownership be the Right Fit For You?
October 2 | Toronto, ON

Soul of the Next Economy Forum
October 3 | Calgary, AB

The Key to Success in Co-operative Enterprises
October 3 | Winnipeg, MB

Share Your Coop Achievements
October 6 | Quebec City, QC

International Summit of Cooperatives 2014
October 6-9 | Quebec City, QC

Collective Impact Summit
October 6-10 | Toronto, ON

How to Grow Strong Independent Businesses and Vibrant Local Economies: Insights from AMIBA
October 7 | CCEDNet Webinar

Symposium on Business Succession
October 7 | North Bay, ON

Intro to Social Enterprise Workshop
October 7 | Calgary, AB

Rewriting the Rural Narrative
October 9 | Webinar

Social Enterprise World Forum 2014
October 12-16 | Seoul, South Korea

2014 Manitoba CD/CED Gathering CCEDNet Event
October 24 | Winnipeg, MB

Many more events available on our website.

CED Jobs

Office Manager
The Co-operators
September 26 | Burnaby, BC

Community Economic Development Officer
Municipality of Ritchot
September 30 | St. Adolphe, MB

Managing Director
Sustainability CoLab
September 30 | Kitchener, ON

Manager, Research and Education
Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada
November 2 | Ottawa, ON

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