National CED News: January 21, 2015

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National CED News

CCEDNet Highlights from 2014

Last year was a very full one for CCEDNet. This overview of our notable accomplishments in 2014 tells part of the story, with thanks to our members and funders who make it all possible.
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Voices of New Economies Blog Series

The Voices of New Economies series is collectively curated by One Earth and The Canadian CED Network and led by Cities for People. This series is an exploration of what it takes to build the economies we need - ones that work for people, places, and the planet. Check out the first in this series, What do we mean by "The New Economy" and what does it have to do with cities? Read more >>

Ushering in the New Economy at the Local Level

If more people have access to community economic development learning opportunities, more community economic development action will emerge in Calgary. That’s the bet, if you will, that Thrive Calgary, the city’s community economic development network, is making as it prepares to launch a new learning community early in the new year. Read more >>

Call for Papers & Stories: Building Resilient Communities Conference

Building Resilient Community Conference invites explorations of how minorities, small towns, peripheries, aboriginal communities, and those with little money, status, voice or political leverage can rise to the occasion and chart liveable futures. Read more >>

CED Resources

Webinar Recording: Policy Priorities for CED

Did you miss our webinar on January 9th? Want to know what the conversation was as we get set to finalize our 2015 policy priorities for CED? Check out the FREE webinar recording and access the additional resources. Read more >>

Co-operatives in a Post-growth Era: Creating Co-operative Economics

Featuring a remarkable roster of internationally renowned critical thinkers, Co-operatives in a Post-Growth Era presents a feasible alternative for a more environmentally sustainable and equitable economic system - specifically, the co-operative business model. This is an essential book for students, policymakers and concerned citizens looking for a practical way to change the current stagnant economic paradigm. Read more >>

Community Banking Partnership: Legal Structures that Work

This report is an initial attempt to summarize the experience of Amercian community development credit unions and draw lessons for other organizations thinking about following in the footsteps of these exemplary institutions. The report shows that the American CDCU group structures have enabled multiple problems related to financial exclusion to be addressed in effective and positive ways. Read more >>

CED Videos

John McKnight Interview at Community: Programs and Policies

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Events Calendar

Introduction to Unleashing Local Capital
January 21 | Webinar

Working in Complexity: A Case for Upside Down Thinking
January 22 | Webinar

Marketing 101 - Co-op Marketing Basics
January 23 | Vancouver, BC and by webinar

2015 International Forum
January 23-24 | Montréal, QC

Accelerating Community Change with Collective Impact
January 27 | Brampton, ON

The State of Food Security: Dispatches from the Field
February 3 | Toronto, ON

CommUnity Innovation Lab
February 3-5 | Kamloops, BC

Building a Government Relations Strategy
February 5 | Winnipeg, MB

2015 Sustainable Communities Conference
February 10-12 | London, ON

Social Media in Nonprofit Organizations
February 13 | Toronto, ON

A Tour of Cuba's Co-operatives
February 14-21 | Havana, Cuba

Capturing and Making Sense of Community Outcomes
February 23-25 | Toronto, ON

Assembly of the Local Organic Food Co-ops Network
February 24-26 | Guelph, ON

Co-op Connections Thunder Bay
February 26 | Thunder Bay, ON

The Economics of Happiness Conference
February 27-March 1 | Portland, OR

Co-op Connections St. Catharines
March 4 | St. Catharines, ON

Framing Your Issues
March 5 | Winnipeg, MB

Co-op Connections Toronto Conference
March 7 | Toronto, ON

Legal 101 - Co-op Legal Basics
March 13 | Toronto, ON

Co-op Connections London
March 14 | London, ON

Co-op Connections Sudbury
March 24 | Sudbury, ON

2015 World Social Forum
March 24-28 | Tunis, Tunisia

Check our website for more event listings.

CED Jobs

CED Coordinator
Municipality of the County of Cumberland
January 21 | Amherst, NS

Desk Exchange Animator
Centre for Social Innovation
January 23 | Toronto, ON

Apprenticeship in Small-Scale Farm Management
Le Santropol Roulant
January 26 | Montréal, QC

Community Connector
Spence Neighbourhood Association
January 30 | Winnipeg, MB

Check our website for more job listings.
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