National CED News: February 4, 2015

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National CED News

2016 National CCEDNet Conference: Call for Proposals

Proposals are now being accepted to host the 2016 National CCEDNet Conference!  Any CCEDNet members and partners interested in hosting the 2016 conference are invited to submit a proposal. Read more >>

Valentine's Day: Guide to Spreading Your Love Locally and Socially

Valentine's Day purchases total about $20 billion yearly in North America. Imagine if just 1 in 20 people shifted their purchases to local and/or social businesses. To help find local and social gifts for your special loved one we've created a short guide. Read more >>

Join Us at the Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise

Taking place in London, Ontario from April 22-24, 2015, the Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise offers an exciting three days of training and work sessions, networking opportunities, speakers and dynamic, interactive events. Read more >>

A Social Enterprise Work-Study Programme in the UK and Canada

Put your passion for social enterprise to work overseas. Students for Social Impact placements provide the opportunity for talented students to contribute to life-changing social enterprises in Canada or the UK, gain valuable overseas experience, and connect with other young leaders of the future. Read more >>

Impact Investing for Healthy Food in North Halifax

The Community Carrot, a new co-op grocery store providing affordable fresh food in Cranidge’s community, initially struggled to find funding. So the Carrot turned to Community Economic Development Investment Funds, a form of impact investing available in Nova Scotia. Read more >>

CED Resources

Plan to Cut Poverty in Manitoba Unveiled

The View From Here 2015 is a comprehensive, community-based plan with targets and timelines to take action on poverty in Manitoba. The plan brings together the ideas of many organizations and individuals working directly on poverty issues in our province. Read more >>

Rebuilding a Neighbourhood, Block-by-Block

The Greater Ohio Policy Center released an independent analysis of an innovative model for neighborhood recovery being piloted in a Cleveland neighborhood, finding promising results for this block-by-block holistic approach to revitalization that combines demolition and rehabilitation. Read more >>

The Joined-Up Solution for Financial Inclusion and CED

Since 2004 a Community Banking Partnership (CBP) approach has been co-developed by some of Britain’s most innovative players in community finance. Robustly designed Community Banking Partnerships are creating financial inclusion, alleviating debt problems, preventing a recurrence of debt, and showing that there can be a net gain to the partners from investing in the process. Read more >>

CED Videos

Rankin MacSween at the CBU Creative Community Business Conference

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Events Calendar

The State of Food Security: Dispatches from the Field
February 3 | Toronto, ON

CommUnity Innovation Lab
February 3-5 | Kamloops, BC

Building a Government Relations Strategy
February 5 | Winnipeg, MB

Making the Shift from a Traditional Non-Profit to an Enterprising Non Profit
February 5 | Moncton, NB

2015 Sustainable Communities Conference
February 10-12 | London, ON

Sector-Based Workforce Development: Strategies and Learnings
February 12 | Toronto, ON

Social Media in Nonprofit Organizations
February 13 | Toronto, ON

A Tour of Cuba's Co-operatives
February 14-21 | Havana, Cuba

Fair Trade Challenge 2015
February 14 - March 15 | province-wide, MB

Capturing and Making Sense of Community Outcomes
February 23-25 | Toronto, ON

Assembly of the Local Organic Food Co-ops Network
February 24-26 | Guelph, ON

Co-op Connections Thunder Bay
February 26 | Thunder Bay, ON

The Economics of Happiness Conference
February 27-March 1 | Portland, OR

Co-op Connections St. Catharines
March 4 | St. Catharines, ON

Framing Your Issues
March 5 | Winnipeg, MB

Impact: Six Patterns to Scale Your Social Innovation
March 5 | Webinar

Co-op Connections Toronto Conference
March 7 | Toronto, ON

Legal 101 - Co-op Legal Basics
March 13 | Toronto, ON

Co-op Connections London
March 14 | London, ON

Co-op Connections Sudbury
March 24 | Sudbury, ON

2015 World Social Forum
March 24-28 | Tunis, Tunisia

Marketing in Nonprofit and Other Social Purpose Organizations
March 27 | Toronto, ON

Local Prosperity: New Economics for Rural Canada
April 9-12 | Annapolis County, NS

Evaluation for Nonprofit Organizations
April 10 | Toronto, ON

Champions for Change: Leading a Backbone Organization for Collective Impact
April 15-17 | Calgary, AB

Social Venture Institute Vancouver
April 22-24 | Vancouver, BC

2015 Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise
April 22-25 | London, ON

Check our website for more event listings.

CED Jobs

Winnipeg FoodShare Co-op Coordinator
Winnipeg Food Share Co-op
February 6 | Winnipeg, MB

Communications & Professional Development Officer - Bilingual Position
Ontario Association of CFDCs
February 6 | St. Thomas, ON

Indigenous Women’s Leadership and Community Development Specialist
Coady International Institute
February 6 | Antigonish, NS

Community Economic Development Officer
Municipality of Igloolik
February 13 | Igloolik, NU

Check our website for more job listings.
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