National CED News: March 18, 2015

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National CED News

UK Invests in Greater Community Control with New CED Program

The UK government has announced a significant new investment that will give communities greater control over what happens locally. Read more >>

Join Us at the Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise

Will you be at the Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise in London, Ontario, April 22-24?  Several CCEDNet staff and members will be, and we'd love to connect during the exciting three days of training, networking opportunities, speakers and dynamic events. Read more >>

Evolving Landscape of Economic Development in Quebec

The Quebec government has shifted economic development responsibilities to municipalities and a number of economic and rural development agencies have been affected, including community economic development corporations (CDÉCs).  Read more >>

Call for CCEDNet Board Nominations and AGM Resolutions CCEDNet Logo

The Canadian CED Network's Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held online on May 29th, 2015. Nominations are currently being sought for four positions on CCEDNet's Board of Directors. Members are also invited to submit resolutions to be presented at the AGM.  Deadline: April 8. Read more >>

Third 'Voices of New Economies' Blog Series Launched

The 'Voices of New Economies' series is an exploration of what it takes to build the economies we need - ones that work for people, places, and the planet. Check out the first post in this 3rd edition of the series: Restorative Enterprises Drive New Economies. Read more >>

CED Resources

How Land Banks are Strengthening America's Neighbourhoods

Land banks acquire problem properties to return them to productive use or temporarily hold them in order to stabilize distressed markets and fulfill community goals.  This report depicts the local conditions, actors, and narratives that together comprise the emerging story of land banks in the US. Read more >>

Why Local Energy Ownership Matters

Why does ownership of renewable energy matter? Because the number of jobs and economic returns for communities are substantially higher when electricity generation from wind and sun can be captured by local hands.This report serves as a resource, especially for communities seeking independence from big out-of-state projects like high voltage transmission lines. Read more >>

ACOA's Community-Based Business Development Sub-Program Evaluation

ACOA’s Community-Based Business Development (CBBD) sub-program focuses on activities to improve access to capital and other supports needed to strengthen small and medium-sized enterprises in rural communities across Atlantic Canada. Read more >>

CED Videos

Stewart Perry at the CBU Creative Community Business Conference

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Events Calendar

Are You Being Served? Creating a Service Culture CCEDNet Event
March 19 | Winnipeg, MB

What Works: Opportunity for All
March 19 | Webinar

Community Bond Showcase
March 19 | Webinar

Social Media for Non-Profits
March 19 | Webinar

Co-op Connections Sudbury
March 24 | Sudbury, ON

The Social Entrepreneur's A to Z with Liam Black
March 24 | Calgary, AB

2015 World Social Forum
March 24-28 | Tunis, Tunisia

Weaving the Co-op Principles into Your Strategic Plan
March 25 | Webinar

Social Finance Connects: Investment Funds
March 26 | Webinar

Financial Counselling for People Living on Low Incomes
March 26 | Webinar

Marketing in Nonprofit & Other Social Purpose Orgs
March 27 | Toronto, ON

Emerging Co-op Research Showcase Webinar
March 30 | Webinar

What is CoopZone & How Can it be Useful to You?
March 31 | Telelearning

Propelling Social Ventures 2015
April 1 | Vancouver, BC

Introduction to Social Enterprise
April 9 | Webinar

Scaling Impact Workshop
April 9 | Toronto, ON

Local Prosperity: New Economics for Rural Canada
April 9-12 | Annapolis County, NS

Evaluation for Nonprofit Organizations
April 10 | Toronto, ON

Building Your Social Enterprise Workshop
April 14 | Surrey City Centre, BC

Developmental Evaluation Workshop
April 14 | Toronto, ON

Introduction to Social Enterprise
April 15 | Toronto, ON

The Public Sector and Social Enterprise
April 15 | Webinar

Leading a Backbone Organization for Collective Impact
April 15-17 | Calgary, AB

2015 Canadian Conference on Social Enterprise
April 22-25 | London, ON

2015 Annual General Meeting CCEDNet Event
May 29 | Webinar

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CED Jobs

Chair in Co-operative Enterprises
University of Winnipeg (Department of Business and Administration)
March 19 | Winnipeg, MB

Youth Co-operative Entrepreneurship Program Project Coordinator
Saskatchewan Co-operative Association
March 20 | Saskatchewan, SK

Director, Social Enterprise
Province of Ontario
March 22 | Toronto, ON

Aboriginal Coalition Coordinator
Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness
March 31 | Victoria, BC

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