National CED News: June 22, 2015

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National CED News

Québec Government Launches Social Economy Action Plan

The Plan d’action gouvernemental en économie sociale 2015-2020 anticipates a total investment of more than 100 million dollars over five years to support Québec social economy enterprises in responding to three important social challenges: home-care services for persons with decreasing independence, integration into the work force and entrepreneurial successions. Read more >>

Highlights from CCEDNet's 2015 Annual General Meeting

CCEDNet held our first entirely virtual AGM on May 29th. Many thanks to the members who participated, the staff who organized the logistics, and to CCEDNet's Board members who guide the Network throughout the year. Read more >>

Proposals Solicited to Tackle Persistent Social Problems

The Government of Canada has issued a new Request for Proposals (RFP) to solicit bids to establish up to three separate contracts to tackle persistent social problems. Deadline : July 17, 2015. Read more >>

Ontario Legislation encourages community benefits

Ontario has taken a major step in the right direction with the passage of Bill 6: Infrastructure for Jobs and Prosperity Act. A large coalition of community partners was successful in advocating for community benefits to be included in this bill. Read more >>

Communities Know Best: Urban Poverty Reduction

Mareike Brunelli, a Senior Research Assistant at the Urban and Inner City Studies Department of the University of Winnipeg, covers the CED significance of the special thematic issue of the journal Universitas Forum entitled "Inclusive urban development and poverty reduction: Learning from innovative practice". Read more >>

As Nova Scotia Faces Crossroads, What's the Place of Social Enterprise?

CCEDNet member, David Upton, is one of the community members asked to present to the Nova Scotia Coalition on Building Our New Economy, a new coalition intended to generate collective, collaborative action to build a better province. Read more >>

CED Resources

June 29: Designing Community Action for the 21st Century

On June 29th join a webinar with David Sloan Wilson that will draw on his experiences working with Nobel Prize winner Elinor Ostrom on generalizing the design principles of co-operation in successful groups. He'll also be introducing PROSOCIAL, a free new online platform that helps groups apply core design principles to improve their efficacy in working together towards common goals. Read more >>

Scaling Up the Co-operative Movement

In the years since the financial crisis and Great Recession of the late 2000s, many have come to the realization that the current economic and political system is profoundly dysfunctional. Many have pointed to co-operatives as an alternative model. This book looks to address the question, how can we scale up the cooperative movement without losing our cooperative values? Read more >>

Resetting the Table - A People's Food Policy for Canada

In light of the steps being taken towards the potential formation of a Winnipeg Food Policy Council, here is a valuable grassroots developed report by Food Security Canada that lays out policy recommendations to address food sovereignty and security issues in Canada. Read more >>

CED Videos

CSI Workshop Series: The Co-op Model

Could shared ownership be the right fit for you? Check out this recorded workshop presentation from CCEDNet member, the Ontario Co-operative Association.

Click on the image to watch the video!

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Events Calendar

Common Ground Research Forum: Connecting Peoples and Lands
June 23 | Kenora, ON

Buy Social Canada’s Storefront Launch & Ribbon Cutting
June 23 | Vancouver, BC

On Co-op Annual General Meeting
June 24 | Guelph, ON

Information Webinar: CoopZone On-line Training Program
June 24 | Webinar

Rural Collaborative Summit
June 26 | Cannington, ON

Annual Inclusive Leadership Gathering
June 27-29 | Lake Cowichan, BC

Co-operatives and Peace
June 28 | Lake Cowichan, BC

Designing Community Action for the 21st Century CCEDNet Event
June 29 | Webinar

Financial Planning for Social Enterprise
June 29 | Toronto, ON

Brokering Volunteers: The New Barn-Raising Webinar
June 30 | Webinar

2015 Social Enterprise World Forum
July 1-3 | Milan, Italy

Traditional and Modern Assets: The New Barn-Raising Webinar
July 7 | Webinar

Community Innovation and Social Enterprise
July 8-10 | Sydney, NS

Co-op Classic Golf Tournament
July 9 | Elbow, SK

Information Webinar: CoopZone On-line Training Program
July 15 | Webinar

Community Development Society Conference & AGM 2015
July 19-22 | Lexington, Kentucky

The Revitalization of Detroit and the Non-Profit that Could
July 22 | Webinar

Engaging Youth: The New Barn-Raising Webinar
July 22 | Webinar

What Works: Local First
August 20 | Webinar

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CED Jobs

Researcher (quantitative analysis)
The Social Research and Demonstration Corporation
June 24 | Toronto, ON

Planning and Evaluation Facilitator
Health in Common
June 26 | Winnipeg, MB

Relationship Manager
The Agency for Co-operative Housing
June 30 | Vancouver, BC

Executive Director
Community Futures Network of Alberta (CFNA)
July 8 | Cochrane, AB

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