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Vote for Community Economies

The federal election is a prime opportunity to highlight the many actions throughout Canada that people are taking to improve their community's economy, and what the federal government should be doing to support them. To strengthen community economies, three small steps can make a big difference: change how we spend; shift our investments; mobilize an informed vote. Read more >>

Do You Provide Microcredit? Take Part in this Survey

The Business Development Bank of Canada is currently undertaking research to better understand the types of microcredit programs that are offered across Canada.  If you offer microcredit, take 15 minutes to be counted and complete this survey by August 21.  Read more >>

Walter Hossli Joins CCEDNet's Board of Directors

CCEDNet's Board is pleased to announce that Walter Hossli has been appointed as a Director.  Walter has been in leadership positions in the community sector for over 25 years, notably as Founder and now Director Emeritus at Momentum in Calgary.    Read more >>

Calgary Tool Library: Five Aspects of Community Economic Development

The Tool Library—a social enterprise project of the Bridgeland Riverside Community Association—was launched in June 2014. The 300-plus individual and organizational members are co-owners of hundreds of tools. The sense of ownership and accountability are palpable, very different from conventional tool rentals.  Read more >>

Recommendations for the 2016 Federal Budget

The Canadian CED Network's Policy Council submitted a response to the federal government's invitation for pre-budget submissions for the 2016 Federal Budget. The submission, sent to the Standing Committee on Finance, focuses on social procurement policy and training on social enterprises and co-operatives for government staff.  Read more >>

The Gathering: Manitoba’s CD/CED Conference

Once again, more than 500 people are expected on October 23rd for this year's Gathering, so save the date and spread the word.  Let’s CONNECT THE DOTS between different issues through 30 workshops focused on community economic development, co-operatives and social enterprise, local food economies, housing, poverty reduction, and many more. Read more >>

CED Resources

Rebalancing Society: Radical Renewal Beyond Left, Right, and Center

In this short book, celebrated McGill Management professor Henry Mintzberg calls for new recognition of a 'plural sector' of robust communities that are vital to growing the constructive practices of the future, in the service of our progeny and our planet.  Read more >>

20 Things Directors of Not-for-Profits Should Ask About Social Enterprise

This publication aims to provide directors of not-for-profit organizations with an overview of the issues and questions they face in establishing, running and ultimately exiting a social enterprise. This information is equally important for directors of organizations that are considering conducting activities through a social enterprise and directors of organizations that already operate one.  Read more >>

Working Together: Implementing a Demand-led Employment & Training System

In this model, demand in the labour market – the skills and talents companies actually need – is secondary, resulting in a mismatch between the demand for talent and the supply of job-ready people. By working to explicitly match unemployed talent to current and forecasted demand, thereby treating employers and job seekers as equally important customers, investments in training and employment services will yield a much greater return. Read more >>

CED Videos

Local Prosperity: Dr Anders Hayden & Susan Witt

From the Annapolis, Nova Scotia Local Prosperity conference this spring, two internationally recognized authors and speakers discuss topics such as small farms and food-sheds as economic drivers, value-added fisheries as a resource of the commons, rebuilding the value chain from our forests and the arts & culture economy.
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Events Calendar

Impact Investing Summer Lunch & Learn
August 27 | Vancouver, BC

CCEDNet Halifax face-to-face meetup
August 27 | Halifax, NS

Building Your Social Enterprise Workshop
September 2 | Chetwynd, BC

Social Ventures Institute
September 2-6 | Cortes Island, BC

Build and Grow Your Social Enterprise CCEDNet Event
September 9 | Winnipeg, MB

Educate and Empower Webinar
September 9 | Webinar

Building Resilient Communities: Innovation, Culture, and Governance in Place
September 16-19 | Summerside, PEI

What Works: Soil & Nature
September 17 | Webinar

How Doing Good Business in the World is Great
September 17 | Calgary, Alberta

Building Your Social Enterprise Workshop
September 22 | Capital Region (Sidney), BC

Vancouver IMPACT 2015
September 23 | Vancouver, BC

Writing an Effective Grant Proposal CCEDNet Event
September 24 | Winnipeg, MB

Innovation Leadership: New Change Strategies for a Complex World
September 24-30 | Haida Gwaii, British Columbia

Building Your Social Enterprise Workshop
September 24 | Campbell River, BC

Writing an Effective Grant Proposal CCEDNet Event
September 24 | Winnipeg, MB

Collective Impact Summit
September 28 | Vancouver, BC

Responsiveness to Users: The New Barn-Raising Webinar
September 29 | Webinar

Rural Alberta Innovation & Learning (RAIL) Commons
October 2-4 | Camrose, AB

The Gathering: Manitoba's CD/CED Conference
October 23 | Winnipeg, MB

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CED Jobs

Program Coordinator
The Winnipeg Food Share Co-op (WFC)
August 21 | Winnipeg, MB

Communications and Events Coordinator
Local Organic Food Co-ops Network
August 21 | Mississauga , ON

Social Planner
City of Edmonton
August 21 | Edmonton, AB

Urban Agriculture Communications Internship
Santropol Roulant
August 23 | Montréal, QB

Northern Development Officer
Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines
September 8 | Blind River, ON

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