National CED News: November 5, 2015

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National CED News 

Registration Now Open for ECONOUS 2016: The National CED Conference

Michael Toye, Executive Director of the Canadian CED Network

CCEDNet and the Community Economic Development and Employability Corporation (CEDEC) invite you to be part of Canada’s leading national community economic development conference in Montréal, next May 18-20. 

Register now at the SuperSaver rate and save $100!
Read more >>

Alberta Invests $10 million in Community Economic DevelopmentCo-op Week 2015

In its budget last week, the Province of Alberta announced $10 million in community economic development initiatives to support local economic development associations and help them make their full contribution to job creation and economic renewal. 

Alberta's announcement is the latest in a growing number of new measures strengthening CED across Canada and beyond.   Read more >>

Webinar:  Voices of New Economies - Opportunity for All

Next Up WinnipegNovember 9th, 1pm ET

Throughout Canada and around the world, people are rising up to shape new economies.  Recognizing that the ecological, social and even financial costs of our current economic system are unsustainable, innovative leaders are finding different paths forward. 

As part of the third annual New Economy Week, this webinar presented by One Earth and CCEDNet will challenge us to explore how we can scale promising social innovations towards larger systemic change.   Read more >>

CED Blogs        

Defining social enterprise… it’s a verb and not a noun, and how it’s marketplace value

Next Up WinnipegThe definition of social enterprise continues on as a fascinating issue. In fact it seems like the definition quandary just continues to go in every direction possible, and in the last couple weeks it may have gone to completely unsurpassed extremes. Some groups seem to be recognizing any manner of company or entrepreneur that just happens to “do good” through some of its products or social responsibility activities as a social enterprise, even if their profits are the key objective and purely for the shareholders. On the other side...  Read more >>

Co-op Week: Celebrating Our Co-operative AdvantageUntangling the world

Another successful Co-op week has passed and Brendan Reimer tells you everything you need to about the week and Co-ops. The principles of co-operation that early pioneers established to guide their business model have stood the test of time and continue to guide co-operative business practices around the world to this very day. Read more >>

All members are encouraged to post blogs on their experiences, lessons and successes.  If you're interested, contact us.

CED Resources   

Building Community Prosperity through Local Economic Development

The purpose of this guide is to add to the understanding of local economic development in a way that is relevant and insightful regardless of context and circumstance. In so doing, it is the intent of this exercise to help local authorities and their partners in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors to confidently and effectively move forward in their efforts to foster a more stable and sustainable future for their municipalities.  Read more >>

Evolving the Competitive Edge: Rural Community Engagement

Community Development: Out from the Margins

We happen to be living in one of the most interesting periods in human history.
Societal shifts, unlike any witnessed before because of their scope, are testing and stretching our ability to comprehend either the problems or their solutions. Indeed, similar to our ancestors in more ancient societies, people have gravitated to the supposed wisdom of a variety of ‘ gurus’ just as those in other eras fell prey to medicine men or witch doctors.  Read more >>

Neighbourhoods Alive! A New Paradigm for Community Development in ManitobaEvolving the Competitive Edge: Rural Community Engagement

Over 15 years NA! has developed long-term partnerships with community based organizations, increasing opportunities for residents to engage in renewal efforts and influence public policy. Of the 44 organizations currently funded through NA!, 28 organizations have funding partnerships of seven years or more. The longevity of these relationships has significantly advanced the efforts of communities to create long-term positive change and compound the effects of community successes.  Read more >>

CED Videos

New Economy Week: Learning From Communities on the Frontlines

In preparation for New Economy Week (Nov 9-15), this video from our friends at the New Economy Coalition discusses the value of cultivating abundance -- the idea that there is enough and that we can, and must, have living wages and a liveable planet.

Touring social enterprises in the DTES
Click on the image to watch the video!
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Events Calendar

Participatory Management: Increasing Staff Involvement in Decision-Making CCEDNet Event
November 5 | Winnipeg, MB

Co-ops 101
November 6 | Webinar

The New BC Societies Act - Is Your Organization Ready?
November 7 | Webinar

Voices of New Economies: Opportunity for All
November 9 | Webinar

The New BC Societies Act - Is Your Organization Ready?
November 10 | Webinar

Building Vibrant Main Streets and the Power of Local
November 10 | Toronto, ON

The New BC Societies Act - Is Your Organization Ready?
November 10 | Webinar

Going Green to Save Money: The New Barn-Raising Webinar
November 10 | Webinar

Activating the Creative Economy: A case study of the Steel Yard and Public Projects
November 12 | Webinar

Enterprising Women Awards
November 12 | Thunder Bay, ON

2015 Social Finance Forum
November 12 | Toronto, ON

Activating the Creative Economy: A case study of the Steel Yard and Public Projects
November 12 | Webinar

Pitch Your Idea for a Low-Carbon Future
November 14 | Winnipeg, MB

Developmental Evaluation: Principles in Practice
November 16 | Webinar

LITE's 19th Annual Wild Blueberry Pancake Breakfast
November 17 | Winnipeg, MB

National Social Enterprise Feasibility Planning Workshop
November 17 | Online Workshop 

Social Enterprise Workshop
November 17 | Calgary, AB

Key Concept of Social Impact Measurement
November 17 | Ottawa, ON

Indigenous Innovation Summit
November 18-20 | Winnipeg, MB

What Works: Magic & Soul
November 19 | Webinar

National Social Enterprise Feasibility Planning Workshop
November 19 | Online

The Social Impact Measurement Series
November 20 | Toronto, ON

ECONOUS 2016 - The National CED Conference CCEDNet Event
May 18-20 | Montréal, QC

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CED Jobs

Manager, Assessment and Development
Castlegar, British Columbia
Deadline: November 6

Community Building and Wellbeing Coordinator
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Deadline: November 9

Project Coordinator
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Deadline: November 10

Fair Financing – Business Model Investigation of Payday Lending Alternatives
Calgary, Alberta
Deadline: November 11

Executive Director
Ottawa, Ontario
Deadline: November 20

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