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National CED News

Happy Holidays from CCEDNet! CED Holiday Buying & Giving Guide 2015

Do a Great Deal; Buy Social

Are you spreading the holiday cheer this year? This guide is designed to help extend the reach of that cheer through encouraging thoughtful buying and giving.

We have compiled some creative gift ideas and shopping guides to provide you with the tools and information you need to have a CED-filled holiday season. See anything missing from this list? We will be adding more tips between now and the holidays, so send us your additions! Read more >>

CCEDNet Members - Submit Your Highlights from 2015 2015 Highlights

As part of our annual review, we would like to profile the many contributions -- big and small -- made by CCEDNet members over the last year to building stronger Canadian communities.

Please share your top highlight or accomplishment from 2015.
Read more >>

Join us for Regional CCEDNet Member Meetups in January! CCEDNet Member Meetups

Join us for virtual regional member meetups! This is an opportunity to connect with other CCEDNet members, Board members and staff in your region, discuss opportunities and challenges, and ask questions. New members are particularly welcome. RSVP for your regional member meetup today. Read more >>

Call for Proposals for the Global Social Economy Forum Global Social Economy Forum

2,000 participants are expected in Montréal, September 7-9, for 3 days, over 30 workshops, site visits and hundreds of meeting opportunities to share your best practices and learn about others in the social and solidarity economy taking place around the planet in collaboration with local governments. Identify opportunities and issues regarding coordinated action between your local governments and SSE stakeholders and more... Read more >>

CED Blogs        

Community-based solutions represent our best chance to beat poverty

Darcy Penner

Blog by CCEDNet Employee: Darcy Penner

Poverty reduction has no silver bullet. Nor should we expect one. The exhausting and overwhelming work of reducing poverty must take a comprehensive, long-term approach that is led by the communities in need. These communities, who struggle against poverty and social exclusion every day, have repeatedly said this work requires more than a simple transfer of money.  Read more >>

Ryan CoonertyThe Local Economy Solution

Blog by:  Ryan Coonerty

For a generation, Michael Shuman has been a lonely voice arguing against these kinds of deals. In an attempt to bring reason and thoughtfulness to the politics of economic development, he has focused on commonsense economics. His new book, The Local Economy Solution: How Innovative, Self-Financing "Pollinator" Enterprises can Grow Jobs and Prosperity (Chelsea Green, 2015) reiterates the core arguments of his previous works: first, most businesses in the United States are local. Second, local businesses are engines of growth and much more likely to create jobs than large companies. Read more >>

All members are encouraged to post blogs on their experiences, lessons and successes.  If you're interested, contact us.

CED Resources   

Handbook on Citizen Engagement: Beyond Consultation

Handbook on Citizen Engagement: Beyond ConsultationThis handbook builds on years of work at the Canadian Policy Research Networks bringing together cutting edge thinkers and practitioners in the field of citizen engagement. While it is not possible to capture all of CPRN's and others' work in one handbook, the hope is that this tool will provide a good overview of the breadth of the field – both the concepts and the methods – and supply ample resources (particularly online resources) with which to deepen knowledge on specific subjects. Read more >>

The Power Of Civic ActionThe Power of Civic Action

Toronto’s neighbourhood of Thorncliffe Park, built in the 1960s, was designed for 12,000 people — young singles and couples with cars to traverse bridges into the city. But by 2008, Thorncliffe Park’s demographic had changed. Its aging apartment buildings had become an “arrival city” for newcomer families and the neighbourhood housed a population of close to 34,000. Few in the low-income neighbourhood had cars and there was no square or commercial main street where residents could meet and socialize. What it did have was a tiny park, albeit quite rundown. Read more >>

CED Videos

Understanding Our Place

Our Place puts communities at the heart of service delivery in their area and involves local partners within a neighbourhood coming together with local people to identify the issues that matter most to them. Find out what the Our Place programme is all about...

Understanding Our Place
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Events Calendar

Atlantic CCEDNet Member Meetup CCEDNet Event
January 13 | Webinar

Northern CCEDNet Member Meetup CCEDNet Event
January 13 | Webinar

Ontario & Québec CCEDNet Member Meetup CCEDNet Event
January 13 | Webinar

Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba CCEDNet Member Meetup CCEDNet Event
January 14 | Webinar

Francophone CCEDNet Member Meetup CCEDNet Event
January 14 | Webinar

BC CCEDNet Member Meetup CCEDNet Event
January 14 | Webinar

Saskatchewan Co-operative Association - Engaging Diversity Conference
January 29 | Saskatoon, SK

Evaluating Community Impact: Capturing and Making Sense of Community Outcomes
February 9-11 | Vancouver, BC

Community Engagement: The Next Generation
March 8-10 | Ottawa, ON

Cities Reducing Poverty: When Mayors Lead
April 5-7 | Edmonton, AB

Earning Capacity CCEDNet Event
April 7-8 | Kingston, ON

North American Forum on the Social Solidarity Economy
April 8-10 | Detroit, MI

ECONOUS2016 - The National CED Conference CCEDNet Event
May 18-20 | Montréal, QC

ANSER-ARES Conference 2016
June 1-3 | Calgary, AB

Common Bound
July 8-10 | Buffalo, NY

Community Development Society Conference
July 23-27 | Bloomington, MN

World Social Forum 2016
August 9-14 | Montréal, QC

Global Social Economy Forum - GSEF2016
September 7-9 | Montréal, QC

International Summit of Cooperatives
October 11-13 | Québec, QC

Food Secure Canada's 9th Assembly
October 13-16 | Toronto, ON

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CED Jobs

Community Employment Specialist
East Scarborough Storefront
Scarborough, ON
Deadline: December 18

Public Policy Coordinator
Calgary, AB
Deadline: December 18

Curriculum Development Assistant
Career Trek
Winnipeg, MB
Deadline: December 21

Policy Advisor
MEDEI/MRI (Ontario Ministries)
Toronto, ON
Deadline: December 31

Building Superintendent Trainee
Winnipeg, MB
Deadline: January 4 2016

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