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National CED News

CCEDNet and Members Submit Pre-Budget RecommendationsRecommendations for the 2016 Federal Budget

The Canadian CED Network's Policy Council submitted a response to the federal government's invitation for pre-budget submissions for the 2016 Federal Budget, and Executive Director Michael Toye presented it to the Standing Committee on Finance on February 16th. The submission focuses on how the government can implement the measures it has already committed to undertaking in the election and the Ministerial mandate letters in ways that will maximize their Read moresuccess and value for communities.

Private Member's Bill on Community Benefits AgreementsToronto MP Ahmed Hussen

Toronto MP Ahmed Hussen has introduced a private member's bill that would allow the federal government to require information on the community benefits generated by construction, maintenance or repair contracts for public works or federal properties.

The inclusion of community benefit agreements in social infrastructure spending planned by the federal government was one of the recommendations made by Read moreMichael Toye, Executive Director of the Canadian CED Network, in pre-budget consultations last month.

Share Your Ideas and Stories with Beautiful Solutions: Toolbox for the Future

Beautiful SolutionsBeautiful Solutions is collecting stories to spotlight the most powerful strategies for creating the world we want. These stories demonstrate that another world is not only possible — it is already happening. The focus is on visionary groups of people from around the globe who are driving the shift to a democratic, just and sustainable future — creating tools so that everyone can build solutions in their own communities.Read more

Canada-Wide Social Enterprise Sector Survey to be Released at ECONOUS2016

Social Enterprise Sector SurveyIn 2014 and 2015, the Social Enterprise Sector Survey collected impact data from non-profit social enterprises in all provinces and territories of Canada (except Quebec, where the Comité sectoriel de main d’oeuvre économie sociale et action communautaire conducted a sector survey).
Read more
The full report on these surveys will be released on May 18th at the ECONOUS2016 Conference in Montreal.

New Employment Program Launched in Vancouver's Downtown EastsideKnack team Anna Migicovsky and Colin Stansfield

Knack, a new initiative of Potluck Café Society, was launched last month. Knack's mission is to create flexible, part time employment opportunities for residents of Vancouver's downtown eastside.

Using figures provided by the Ministry of Social Development and Innovation, Knack calculates that there are currently a total of 383,000 work hours per month currently going unused from the Read more7,000 DTES residents who collect social assistance, representing $56 million a year.

The Co-operators Announce $120,000 in CED FundingThe Co-operators

The Co-operators have announced eight donations totalling $120,000 to organizations across the country that are working to enhance the self-reliance and employability of marginalized youth and people with mental health challenges. The funding is being provided from The Co-operators Community Economic Development Funds.Read more

More Bang for the Buck: The Impact of CFDC Lending on Ontario’s Economy

More Band for the BuckEvery dollar of lending through the Community Futures Program results in as much as $4.50 added to real GDP.

A new report by the Conference Board of Canada, More Bang for the Buck: The Impact of CFDC Lending on Ontario's Economy, assesses the economic impact of the lending services provided through the Community Futures Program. The report was funded by the Ontario Read moreAssociation of Community Futures Development Corporations, a member of the Canadian CED Network.

CED Blogs

Practical Ways to Foster More Inclusive Community Planning and Design

Ariana McBrideBlog by Ariana McBride

Cities and towns of all sizes struggle with how to involve the most representative sample of their population in their community design efforts. This post specifies practical ways to engage groups who are typically underrepresented in community efforts.

These processes require patience, flexibility, and resolve. All are achievable particularly if you work with other community partners. And remember that when you make participation work for more Read moremarginalized populations, you are creating better opportunities for all people to take part in your effort.

Social Equity in Green CitiesJessica Knowler

Blog by Jessica Knowler

For Women Transforming Cities, the present-day economic reality is one of increasing inequality that has disparate outcomes for marginalized communities. This is to say that economic inequality tends to fall along gendered and racialized lines (to name only two). Such inequality is echoed in the Canadian labour force, which is still arranged along these divisions, and gendered and racialized arrangements closely coincide with our focus on non-renewable natural resource extraction--an industry that largely Read moreemploys men with access to good wages, benefits and entitlements, and one that we know heavily contributes to climate change.

All members are encouraged to post blogs on their experiences, lessons and successes. If you're interested, contact us.

CED Resources

The Prosperous Province: Strategies for Building Community Wealth

Community Benefits AgreementsThis paper explores Comunity Benefits Agreements (CBAs) attached to large-scale real estate or infrastructure developments. It situates CBAs firmly in the Ontario context. It looks to the experiences of practitioners in other jurisdictions for lessons and cautions. It also considers how community organizers, public servants and developers can adapt this approach to their current realities.

The paper examines the structure of CBAs and the process for developing them. It will describe the leading examples, the current provincial landscape, and related Read morestrategic considerations before drawing some conclusions and identifying next steps.

Co-ops Build a New EconomyStudy Guide to the Cooperative Movement

While an increasing number of people are discovering cooperatives, it’s not always clear how or where to learn more about them – whether you want the fundamentals or to dig in deeper with specifics.

That’s why the TESA Collective put together a study guide for the cooperative movement. This guide – while not a complete and total list – provides tools, activities, videos, readings, and more to help you brush up on your cooperative skills and knowledge. Some of these resources are free, some of them have a cost. But all of them will help you better understand what a cooperative is, how to practice cooperation, and the power of the cooperative movement.Read more

Making the Case for Linking Community Development and HealthMaking the Case for Linking Community Development and Health

This report is a "resource for those working to improve low-income communities and the lives of the people living in them." Despite growing recognition that social and economic conditions are the primary drivers of health, the fields of community development and public health remain siloed. This new report from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Build Healthy Places Network outlines specific opportunities to integrate the two fields and overcome barriers to collaboration. It also includes recommendations on how Read moreto measure the impact of cross-sector collaborations and refine programs accordingly.
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CED Videos

Michael Toye Presents to the Standing Committee on Finance for the 2016 Pre-Budget Consultations

The Canadian CED Network's Policy Council submitted a response to the federal government's invitation for pre-budget submissions for the 2016 Federal Budget, and Executive Director Michael Toye presented it to the Standing Committee on Finance on February 16th

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Events Calendar

Groundswell's Showcase Gala for Budding Entrepreneurs
March 8 | Vancouver, BC

Community Engagement: The Next Generation
March 8-10 | Ottawa, ON

Green Economy Perspectives Presents – Karen Clarke-Whistler: Shifting The Market
March 9 | Toronto, ON

Social Enterprise Toronto Conference
March 10 | Toronto, ON

Introduction to Social Enterprise
March 15 | Webinar

Could Shared Ownership Be the Right Fit for You?: How Social Innovators Are Using Co-op Enterprises
March 15 | Toronto, ON

Developmental Evaluation Introductory Webinar
March 16 | Webinar

Social Entrepreneurship 101
March 18 | Timmins, ON

SENO CoStarter for Change Workshop
March 19 | Timmins, ON

Urban Indigenous Youth For Change Sharing Circle
March 19 | Timmins, ON

Baristas, Clerks & Geeks: Own Your Own Job - How Employees Can Be Co-op Owners and Help Create a Better World
March 29 | Toronto, ON

Global Leaders - Getting Beyond Better: How Social Entrepreneurship Works
March 29 | Toronto, ON

BC CCEDNet Member Meetup CCEDNet Event
March 30 | Webinar

Vancouver Island Social Finance Forum 2016
April 5 | Victoria, BC

Cities Reducing Poverty: When Mayors Lead
April 5-7 | Edmonton, AB

Earning Capacity CCEDNet Event
April 7-8 | Kingston, ON

North American Forum on the Social Solidarity Economy
April 8-10 | Detroit, MI

Buy Out the Boss: How to Transform an Existing Business into a Successful and Sustainable Co-op
April 12 | Toronto, ON

Creativity, Jobs and Local Development: 12th Annual Meeting of the OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Development
April 18-19 | Venice, Italy

Champions for Change: Leading a Backbone Organization for Collective Impact
April 19-21 | Halifax, NS

Francophone CCEDNet Member Meetup CCEDNet Event
April 19 | Webinar

Northern CCEDNet Member Meetup CCEDNet Event
April 19 | Webinar

Ontario & Québec CCEDNet Member Meetup CCEDNet Event
April 20 | Webinar

Atlantic CCEDNet Member Meetup CCEDNet Event
April 20 | Webinar

Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba CCEDNet Member Meetup CCEDNet Event
April 21 | Webinar

Social Venture Institute
May 3-5 | Vancouver, BC

ECONOUS2016 - The National CED Conference CCEDNet Event
May 18-20 | Montréal, QC

2016 Summer Institute in Program Evaluation
May 30 - June 3 | Winnipeg, MB

Energizing Communities: Co-operatives Nurturing Democratic Practice!
June 1-3 | Calgary, AB

ANSER-ARES Conference 2016
June 1-3 | Calgary, AB

July 8-10 | Buffalo, NY

Community Development Society Conference
July 23-27 | Bloomington, MN

World Social Forum 2016
August 9-14 | Montréal, QC

Global Social Economy Forum - GSEF2016
September 7-9 | Montréal, QC

International Summit of Cooperatives
October 11-13 | Québec, QC

Food Secure Canada's 9th Assembly
October 13-16 | Toronto, ON

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Social Enterprise Program Coordinator - CCEDNet
The Canadian CED Network
Winnipeg, MB
Deadline: March 6

Business Development Facilitator
Calgary, AB
Deadline: March 9

Marketing Coordinator
Calgary, AB
Deadline: March 9

Director of Creative Entrepreneurship
Artscape Launchpad
Toronto, ON
Deadline: March 9

Office Coordinator
Urban Eatin' Landscapes
Winnipeg, MB
Deadline: March 14

Director, Neighbourhood Initiatives
United Way Toronto & York Region
Toronto, ON
Deadline: March 18

Ecological Gardening Internship
Harvest Moon Society
Clearwater, MB
Deadline: April 15

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