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Connect with community innovators and entrepreneurs at ECONOUS2016

Workshop information is now available for the National CED Conference! Check out what workshops you can attend, including:

  • Québec's Social Economy: from Bread and Roses to a Framework Law
  • The Local Economic Impacts of Community Renewable Energy
  • Community Benefit Agreements and Social Procurement
  • The Emerging Enabling Policy Environment for Social Enterprise
  • Measuring Social Value Impact
  • Vermont's New Economy: Public Banking, Complimentary Currencies and Genuine Progress Indicators
  • The UN Sustainable Development Goals and CED
  • Financing Co-operation
  • Participation of the Private Sector in CED
  • Rural Social Enterprise and Community Ecosystem Development
  • Integrated Learning Models for Workforce Development
  • Crowdfunding and Technology for CED and the Social Read moreEconomy
  • Austerity and Local Development - the Québec Experience
  • and many more...

Don't miss the Early Bird deadline this Friday, March 18th!

National CED News

2016 Alternative Federal Budget2016 Alternative Federal Budget would Lift 1.1 Million Out of Poverty

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives's 2016 Alternative Federal Budget (AFB) projects a federal deficit of $29.2 billion for 2016-17 when Liberal platform measures are taken into account.

This year's AFB includes proposals for:
  • the creation of a National Community Development Agency;
  • a purchasing strategy that incorporates social and environmental value-weighting in all municipal procurement and that uses a community benefit Read moreclause on all appropriate contracts;
  • a federal neighbourhood revitalization fund of $500m over five years. 


    CCEDNet's Board of Directors has endorsed the Our Power campaign, supporting community-based approaches to renewable energy.

    Last fall, CCEDNet's Board identified climate justice and community renewable energy as a key priority, connecting CED's entrepreneurial strength and focus on equity with the urgent need for transition to a low-carbon economy. 

    Read moreOur Power, a project of TREC Renewable Energy Co-operative, is a voice for individuals and organizations celebrating renewable energy across Canada and around the world.

    Jeff Loomis, Momentum ED; Lucy Miller, United Way of Calgary and Area President & CEO; Donna McBride, Momentum Operations DirectorCCEDNet Member Momentum Recognized for Social Innovation in Calgary

    Momentum was recognized with the 2015 Spirits of Gold: Social Innovation Award for their leadership in convening, designing and stewarding the Financial Empowerment Collaborative. With this group, Momentum has been leveraging what they’ve learned through their financial literacy programs to create systems change with the potential to affect change for 45,000 Read moreCalgarians living on low incomes by 2023.

    Support for women's empowermentNew Call for Proposals: Support for Women’s Empowerment

    Status of Women Canada is inviting organizations to submit proposals for projects to increase women’s participation in democratic and public life. The call for proposals is divided into two streams:

    1. Empowering Indigenous Women for Stronger Communities
    Deadline: June 1, 2016

    Read more2. Empowering Women for Political and Community Action
    Deadline: April 20, 2016

    CED Blogs        

    Kate SwadeHow Can You Change a System if You Have No Power

    Blog by Kate Swade

    Systems thinking can seem complex and inaccessible but even the smallest group of people working towards change can learn from it. Kate Swade sets out five ways to use it.

    Google ‘systems change’ and you get almost 1.5bn results. Do the same with ‘systems thinking’ and you get almost 23 million. There is a wealth of thinking, debate, theory and practice out there – once you become aware of the language, it can seem that everyone’s doing it, or talking about it at least.Read more

    All members are encouraged to post blogs on their experiences, lessons and successes. If you're interested, contact us.

    CED Resources   

    Challenging the Crisis: A Guide to Social and Solidarity EconomyChallenging the Crisis: A Guide to Social and Solidarity Economy

    Through Development Education practices, the Challenging the Crisis project engages citizens from highly indebted EU countries to increase their understanding of the interdependences of local and global justice issues and to enable them to become active advocates for global justice, supporting national and EU development policies despite austerity measures at home. The overall objective of Challenging the Crisis is to contribute to a more just and sustainable world through awareness raising and empowering EU citizens as global development advocates.

    "Challenging the Crisis" is a 3-year Development Education project led by IDEA, in Ireland, with partners in 5 other EU countries - Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Spain and Greece.Read more

    Citizen Action Lab Guide BookUsing Human Centered Design Processes for Social Good

    Taking on the role of being a Citizen Action Lab Leader is taking a courageous dive into exploring and supporting cutting edge work in human services.

    Through the lab you’ll be part of...
    • Helping improve quality of life outcomes
    • Read moreHelping teams to come up with creative solutions
    • Helping support the citizenship of people with disabilities

    How Can Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology Play a Role in Building Social and Solidarity Finance?How Can Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology Play a Role in Building Social and Solidarity Finance?

    First, this paper considers claims made by Bitcoin proponents concerning the positive role Bitcoin can play as a tool of financial inclusion, or as a tool to build new systems of property rights in countries with unstable governance. It also considers technical and political critiques of these claims.

    Second, the paper looks at the attempts to design new cryptocurrencies—such as Faircoin—based on explicitly cooperative and social justice principles.

    Third, the paper considers the emergent wave of “blockchain 2.0” innovation, Read morein which the underlying “blockchain” technology of Bitcoin is expanded into realms like share issuance and micro-insurance.
    Events, job postings or news to share?  CCEDNet members should send 50-word submissions  to
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    CED Videos

    A Story about Social and Solidarity Economy by Challenging the Crisis

    Challenging the Crisis campaigns for the inclusion of Social and Solidarity Economy on the political and economic agenda of the European Union, particularly working towards a European Year for Social and Solidarity Economy.

    Events Calendar

    Social Entrepreneurship 101
    March 18 | Timmins, ON

    International Working Group Women and Social Solidarity Economy Meeting
    March 18 | Teleconference

    SENO CoStarter for Change Workshop
    March 19 | Timmins, ON

    Urban Indigenous Youth For Change Sharing Circle
    March 19 | Timmins, ON

    Taking Advantage of Loans to Better Manage Your Social Enterprise!
    March 22 | Toronto, ON

    OTF & Tamarack Collective Impact Workshop - Barrie
    March 23 | Barrie, ON

    Rural Labour Mobility: Cohesion and social inclusion policy in Europe
    March 23 | Webinar

    OTF & Tamarack Collective Impact Workshop - Toronto
    March 23 | Toronto, ON

    A Gathering of Northern Co-ops
    March 24 | Sudbury, ON

    Baristas, Clerks & Geeks: Own Your Own Job - How Employees Can Be Co-op Owners and Help Create a Better World
    March 29 | Toronto, ON

    Global Leaders - Getting Beyond Better: How Social Entrepreneurship Works
    March 29 | Toronto, ON

    BC CCEDNet Member Meetup CCEDNet Event
    March 30 | Webinar

    OTF & Tamarack Collective Impact Workshop - St. Thomas
    March 30 | St. Thomas, ON

    Co-operative Council of Regina Spring Luncheon
    March 30 | Regina, SK

    OTF & Tamarack Collective Impact Workshop - St. Catharines
    March 30 | St. Catharines, ON

    Effective Policy Tools in Supporting Community Energy Development
    March 30 | Webinar

    OTF & Tamarack Collective Impact Workshop - Simcoe
    March 31 | Simcoe, ON

    OTF & Tamarack Collective Impact Workshop - Peterborough
    March 31 | Peterborough, ON

    OTF & Tamarack Collective Impact Workshop - Fergus
    April 1 | Fergus, ON

    OTF & Tamarack Collective Impact Workshop - Mississauga
    April 1 | Mississauga, ON

    Vancouver Island Social Finance Forum 2016
    April 5 | Victoria, BC

    Cities Reducing Poverty: When Mayors Lead
    April 5-7 | Edmonton, AB

    Earning Capacity CCEDNet Event
    April 7-8 | Kingston, ON

    North American Forum on the Social Solidarity Economy
    April 8-10 | Detroit, MI

    Buy Out the Boss: How to Transform an Existing Business into a Successful and Sustainable Co-op
    April 12 | Toronto, ON

    Creativity, Jobs and Local Development: 12th Annual Meeting of the OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Development
    April 18-19 | Venice, Italy

    Champions for Change: Leading a Backbone Organization for Collective Impact
    April 19-21 | Halifax, NS

    Francophone CCEDNet Member Meetup CCEDNet Event
    April 19 | Webinar

    Northern CCEDNet Member Meetup CCEDNet Event
    April 19 | Webinar

    Ontario & Québec CCEDNet Member Meetup CCEDNet Event
    April 20 | Webinar

    Atlantic CCEDNet Member Meetup CCEDNet Event
    April 20 | Webinar

    Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba CCEDNet Member Meetup CCEDNet Event
    April 21 | Webinar

    Social Venture Institute
    May 3-5 | Vancouver, BC 

    ECONOUS2016 - The National CED Conference CCEDNet Event
    May 18-20 | Montréal, QC

    2016 Summer Institute in Program Evaluation
    May 30 - June 3 | Winnipeg, MB

    Energizing Communities: Co-operatives Nurturing Democratic Practice!
    June 1-3 | Calgary, AB

    ANSER-ARES Conference 2016
    June 1-3 | Calgary, AB

    July 8-10 | Buffalo, NY

    Community Development Society Conference
    July 23-27 | Bloomington, MN

    World Social Forum 2016
    August 9-14 | Montréal, QC

    Global Social Economy Forum - GSEF2016
    September 7-9 | Montréal, QC

    International Summit of Cooperatives
    October 11-13 | Québec, QC

    Food Secure Canada's 9th Assembly
    October 13-16 | Toronto, ON

    Find more events

    CED Jobs

    Public Relations Coordinator
    Manitoba Council for International Cooperation
    Winnipeg,  MB
    Deadline: March 18

    Director, Neighbourhood Initiatives
    United Way Toronto & York Region
    Toronto, ON
    Deadline: March 18

    Co-ordinator, Financial and Investor Management Services
    TREC Renewable Energy Co-op
    Toronto,  ON
    Deadline: March 24

    Partnership and Fundraising Coordinator
    Food Secure Canada
    Montréal, QC
    Deadline: March 31

    Ecological Gardening Internship
    Harvest Moon Society
    Clearwater, MB
    Deadline: April 15

    See more jobs.


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