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      CCEDNet Members Named to Federal Social Innovation and Social Finance Steering Group

      High Stakes, Clear Choices: Alternative Federal Budget 2017Selected from 189 eligible applications from across the country, the Social Innovation and Social Finance Steering Group brings together 15 passionate and diverse leaders, practitioners and experts from multiple fields, including the community, philanthropic, financial and research sectors. Among the 15 steering group members are CCEDNet members David LePage, David Upton, as well as Lauren Dobell from CCEDNet member Vancity and Nancy Neamtan, who is founder and Strategic advisor with the Chantier de l'économie sociale, with whom CCEDNet has a long standing partnership.Read more

      Hopeful Economics: Leadership and Innovation Summit (April 21-22, 2017, Vancouver, BC)Ontario Announces Social Enterprise Investments

      Six members of the Canadian CED Network (CCEDNet) are directly involved in two programs being launched by the Government of Ontario that will help social enterprise access the capital, training and expertise they need to grow and scale up their businesses. 

      The ONE Social Enterprise Partnerships is a new initiative designed to help social enterprises access business supports through the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE), including regionally focused training, mentorship and business fundamentals to start and grow their businesses.Read more

      CCEDNet 2017 Board Election Results
      LITE (Local Investment Toward Employment)

      Every year, CCEDNet members are invited to submit nominations for CCEDNet's Board of Directors. This year, there were four vacancies to be filled.
      After reviewing the results, our Elections Officer declared the following candidates elected:

      • Wendy Keats
      • Diana JedigRead more
      • Carol Madsen
      • Kaye Grant

        Ontario Social Economy Roundtable Unveils Official Charter
        'Co-operate Now 2017' workshop picture

        On May 15th at OCE Discovery held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, the Ontario Social Economy Roundtable (OSER) launched its charter.

        Finalized over a long process of consultation and collaboration, the OSER charter solidifies the values of the social economy in Ontario. It offers a look at this ecosystem, puts definitions in place and shines a spotlight on the role of stakeholders in the social and economic development in the province.Read more

            Social Enterprises Should Be Part of Atlantic Innovation Plan, Say MPs
            'Co-operate Now 2017' workshop picture

            A quartet of Atlantic Canada Liberal MPs are calling on their own government to sharply ramp up financial support for economic growth in the region even though the four Atlantic provinces already get more federal funding for economic development than Quebec, Ontario, or Western Canada.

            The MPs, one from each Atlantic Canada province serving on what they’ve called the Atlantic Growth Strategy Subcommittee on Innovation, tabled the report Monday here. The MPs on the the subcommittee are Matt DeCourcey of Fredericton, Sean Casey of Charlottetown, Andy Fillmore of Halifax and Nick Whalen of St. John’s.Read more

                CCEDNet Renews Its Membership in RIPESS
                Social Enterprise Council of Canada logo and CCEDNet-Manitoba logo

                The Canadian CED Network (CCEDNet) has been a member of the Intercontinental Network for the Promotion of Social Solidarity (RIPESS) since 2002. Although not involved in the first two International Meetings on the Globalization of Solidarity (Lima, Peru in 1997 and Quebec City in 2001) CCEDNet played a leadership role in planning the 2005 International Meeting in Dakar, Senegal. It was at the first planning meeting for the event, in 2002, that it was decided the time was ripe to formally create RIPESS. Michael Lewis, who was then a member of CCEDNet’s Board, was in attendance at this planning meeting and took on the responsibility of chairing the Program Committee for the 3rd International Meeting on the Globalization of Solidarity.Read more

                CED Blogs

                Citizenship, Communityship, Ownership & Leadership

                Jon DukeBlog by Henry Mintzberg

                We function at three levels in society, not two: the collective level broadly and the individual level narrowly, as well as the community level in between.

                At the collective level, we experience citizenship, and are reminded of it every time we vote and pay taxes, not to mention when we receive services and summons from our government.Read more

                Building Now: High River, Alberta, Canada
                Rob Moquin

                Blog by Bob Stilger

                Small communities can be amazing and High River, Alberta, Canada is at the top of my list right now. I’ve been with people in community there for three days. About 90 folks who care came out for one or more of four sessions of the Our High River Summit. That’s out of 13,000 people.

                In the summer of 2013 torrential rains came and the river that runs through town peaked in a devastating flood. But the summit wasn’t looking back at the flood — it was looking towards new horizons. What’s the community we want? How do we build it together?Read more

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                CED Resources

                Parkdale Community Planning Study: Building a foundation for decent work, shared wealth, and equitable development in Parkdale
                Social investment: a force for social change (2016 Strategy)

                The Parkdale Community Economic Development (PCED) Planning Project is an 18-month neighbourhoodwide planning initiative for Parkdale. Supported by the Atkinson Foundation, the PCED project is led by Parkdale Activity-Recreation Centre (PARC), with extensive collaboration among over 25 organizations working in Parkdale. The project combines community action research, stakeholder engagement, and participatory planning to develop future visions of Parkdale, and community strategies to realize them. The project goal is to create a Parkdale Neighbourhood Plan for decent work, shared wealth building, and equitable development.
                Read more

                  Community Development Corporation (CDC) Manual 2017
                  Social investment: a force for social change (2016 Strategy)

                  This manual provides community members, community leadership, development service providers and other stakeholders with a tool for economic development. This is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use manual and is specifically applicable to Indigenous Relations (IR) communities.

                  This manual includes practical information about how to start and operate a CDC in Manitoba. The information can serve as a starting point for discussion, for action and for developing a solid understanding of CDCs.Read more

                    CED Videos

                    Building Up -- Calvin's Story

                    "This is the story of Calvin Brown. This is why we do what we do @ Building Up"

                    Halifax Music Co-Op - Stories for the Common Good
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                    Events Calendar

                    Rebalancing Society
                    September 8 | Montréal, QB

                    Disrupting the Disruptors: Platform Cooperativism
                    September 8-10 | Toronto, ON

                    Reconciliation and the Solutions Economy: Workshop for Changemakers
                    September 11-13 | Calgary, AB

                    EconoUs2017, the National CED Conference CCEDNet Event
                    September 13-15 | Calgary, AB

                    Deepening Community for Collective Impact
                    September 19 | Caledon, ON

                    Different by Design: Exploring Innovation for Rural Prosperity
                    September 20-23 | Nelson, BC

                    Cities of the Future: Co-Creating Tomorrow
                    September 25-20 | Vancouver, BC

                    People, Planet and Prosperity: Co-operatives and Sustainability
                    September 28 | Toronto, ON

                    RAIL Commons
                    October 1 | Olds, AB

                    Cando 24th Annual National Conference & Annual General Meeting
                    October 23-26 | Fredericton, NB

                    2017 Conference of the Canadian Worker Co-op Federation
                    November 2-4 | Gatineau, QB

                    Nonprofit Driven 2017
                    November 9 | Toronto, ON

                    Social Finance Forum 2017
                    November 9-10 | Toronto, ON

                    Social Impact Summit
                    November 10-11 | Kingston, ON

                    Buy Social Canada Summit
                    November 27-28 | Gatineau, QC

                    6th CIRIEC International Research Conference on Social Economy
                    November 30- December 2 | Manaus, Amazonas

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                    CED Jobs

                    Community Economic Development Coordinator
                    The Village of McBride
                    McBride, BC
                    Deadline: July 14

                    Youth Drop-in Programmer
                    Spence Neighbourhood Association
                    Winnipeg, MB
                    Deadline:  July 14

                    Nursing Instructor
                    Urban Circle Training Centre Inc
                    Winnipeg, MB
                    Deadline: July 21

                    Community Administrator
                    Realize Strategies
                    Vancouver, BC
                    Deadline: July 22

                    Communications Coordinator
                    Santropol Roulant
                    Montreal, QC
                    Deadline:  July 24

                    Fund Development Manager
                    The Jubilee Fund
                    Winnipeg, MB
                    Deadline: July 28

                    Resource Coordinator w CCEDNet Manitoba
                    Winnipeg, MB
                    Deadline: July 28

                    Executive Director (1-year term)
                    Volunteer Manitoba
                    Winnipeg, MB
                    Deadline: Monday, July 31

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