No Racial Justice Without Economic Justice: Black Lives Matter

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It seems we are traversing a historical narrows.

We have moved from a known pool of experience into a strait of great discomfort and reckoning.

No matter where you are on this remarkable planet, you have likely been feeling through the depths, constraints, and entanglements of what it means to be human in this time.

In our work toward sustainable and inclusive communities directing their own futures, CCEDNet stands in solidarity with Black people and communities everywhere. We decry anti-Black racism in every pernicious form it takes; in our relationships, our communities, our organizations, and in Canada's systems and institutions. We call out to every person living in Canada to join in the life work of dismantling white supremacy in all its forms.

Image of pink flowers with a blue sky above with the following text: "There is no racial justice without economic: we can't breathe if we can't eat" Hannah Giorgis

We celebrate the brilliance, dignity, and leadership of Black people, communities, and organizations. We call for an intersectional, collaborative, community-led approach to justice, giving thanks to and uplifting the leadership of one of CCEDNet’s members, the Social Economy Through Social Inclusion Coalition (SETSI), for their powerful open letter.

SETSI logo (red bullseye with SETSI written across it)


"Democracies flourish when large numbers of citizens acquire the capacity to shape civic and economic life. Social Entrepreneurship is a process that enables citizens to do that" Azadeh Tajdar | "Have our approaches to mobilization and advocacy improved? Has there been an evolution in our resistance or has technology just enhanced our ability to communicate these violent and disgraceful acts? And most importantly if social media has removed the ignorance and apathy that has plagued many communities for decades, what measurable impacts have occurred with the advent of the devices we use and platforms we patronize?  At SETSI we stand in solidarity with people everywhere who are self- determined in their approach to establishing equity, justice, freedom and  subsequently peace. As a coalition we once again want to ensure that the legacy of colonization and the structural and systemic oppression and discrimination of people of African descent is dismantled, but that requires more than reactionary methodologies to this work."

Understanding that the wealth and health of communities are inextricably linked, we call for community leadership and control of resources, assets, decision-making, and policy development, echoing the June 4 demand for community control from the Movement For Black Lives.

"The most impacted in our communities need to control the laws, institutions, and policies that are meant to serve us - from our schools to our local budgets, economies, and police department" Movement for Black Lives

We believe that budgets tell important stories, and commit to advocating for divestment from systems of harm toward reinvestment in life-affirming, generative, and generous networks of care. We believe that representation deeply matters, and commit to centering and uplifting stories by people whose voices are unjustly pushed to the peripheries. We believe communities know what they need to thrive and commit to listening deeply to and following community leadership.

"Without community, there is no liberation" Audre Lorde

With wholehearted determination, we will build frameworks to centre health and well being. We will trust in the power of relationships. We will commit to the question of how to be human together now.

Some straits have the potential to generate significant tidal power. Let's make this tidal shift one of generational proportions.

toward equity, solidarity, and dignity,
CCEDNet Board & Staff

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