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2008 Federal Election

Canadians care about their communities!






We call for increasing support for community economic development strategies.

*National Election - October 14th*

With the upcoming federal elections close at hand, now is the time to make sure your candidate cares about community economic development.

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September 2008

In this issue:

2008 Federal Election Common Platform - CCEDNet, along with four major networks representing thousands of CED & Social Economy organizations across Canada, propose a new partnership between communities and the Canadian gvernment to build a stronger economy, invest in sustainable communities and tackle poverty. Click here>>

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2008 National CED Conference Follow-Up

This year's National CED Conference - Waves of Change: Building People-Centred Economies welcomed 400 CED practitioners, civil society representatives, community leaders, government representatives, business and co-operative developers, and academics at the University of Saskatchewan for dozens of learning and information sharing sessions and regional, national, and international plenary speakers.

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Winter 2007

Hello Canadian CED Network Members and Friends!

Welcome to the first edition of our new newsletter format. If you haven't already, please visit our new website!

In this issue you will find:

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