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CED News

Ontario Invests $13.6M in Opportunities for Social Enterprises$6 Million Social Procurement and Investment Readiness Fund

The investments will improve social enterprises’ access to capital and business supports, and build capacity to access procurement and investment opportunities. As part of that, a consortium of CCEDNet members and partners has received $6M in funding to deliver the Procurement and Investment Readiness Fund. Applications for grants will begin in the fall of 2018.

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Rosalind Lockyer Named International Woman of the Decade for Community LeadershipRosalind Lockyer

Thunder Bay’s, Rosalind Lockyer was honoured at the Women Economic Forum 2018 in New Delhi, India for her work to empower women. Roz is among the leaders involved in CCEDNet from its early days. She is a past CCEDNet Board member, past Chair of CCEDNet’s Policy Council and current member of our Finance Committee.  Congratulations, Roz!

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Ontario Announces Community Benefit Infrastructure ProjectsProvince of Ontario Trillium Logo

The province of Ontario is moving forward with five new community benefit projects, which will employ a range of options designed to bolster local communities during the development of major new public infrastructure, including employment and training opportunities, environmental protections, poverty reduction measures and small business supports.

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CCEDNet has Joined Alliance 2030
Alliance 2030

CCEDNet has joined Alliance 2030! CCEDNet is also currently a member of Together 2030 to promote national implementation and track progress of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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Federal Government Affirms Support for Co-ops and Mutuals in Canada

Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada (CMC), a member of the Canadian CED Network, welcomes the April 5 news release from Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) in which they have unveiled some details of their plan to support the co-operative and mutual sector in Canada. 

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CCEDNet 2018 Board Election Results

Congratulations to the following four amazing CED leaders from across Canada, who will be joining CCEDNet's Board of Directors:The Canadian CED Network logo

  • Ryan Gibson
  • Emmanuel Bertrand-Gauvin
  • Carol Anne Hilton
  • Luc Morin

The results will be ratified at CCEDNet's Annual General Meeting of the members on June 14.

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Join us for our Annual General Meeting! June 14CCEDNet AGM 2018

You're invited to CCEDNet's 2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM)! This year's AGM will repeat the success of the last three years by being entirely virtual and bilingual. We hope you'll join us! The deadline to register for the AGM is June 11. All members in good standing are encouraged to participate.

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Get Involved as the City of Winnipeg Plans to Buy & Support LocalMayor Brian Bowman

Winnipeg’s City Council has voted to create a ‘buy local’ procurement policy. CCEDNet congratulates the Council on this initiative and encourages them to take it further by leveraging the City’s purchasing power to do social good. Stakeholder engagements are underway. Submissions are being collected until May 31.

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C.I.T.I.E.S. Inaugurates New Headquarters in MontréalC.I.T.I.E.S.

The International Centre for Innovation and Knowledge Transfer on the Social and Solidarity Economy (C.I.T.I.E.S.) has opened its new headquarters at the Maison de l’économie sociale in Montréal’s Centre-Sud district. C.I.T.I.E.S. supports territorial development and promotes the social economy through cooperation, sharing of knowledge and adoption of good practices at an international level.

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2018 Social Finance Forum: Where profit meets purposeThe 11th Annual Social Finance Forum: Where profit meets purpose (November 7-8, 2018)

Every day, billions of dollars are invested with the sole intention of making more dollars, while life-changing social programs and vital environmental initiatives struggle for funding. Impact investing is the fast-growing movement that’s closing that gap by promoting profitable investments in programs and ventures that power progress. The Social Finance Forum attracts more than 500 investors, entrepreneurs, finance professionals, charity leaders and public service visionaries who are reshaping markets and ensuring that every dollar makes a difference.

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CED Blogs

A tribute to Paul Singer, a founder activist and thinker behind SSE
From left to right: Michael Toye, Yvon Poirier, Ethel Côté, Paul Singer, Michael Lewis

Blog by Yvon Poirier

Professor Paul Singer passed away on Monday April 16. He had been at the hearth of the Solidarity Economy movement in Brazil from the start.

During the Lula Presidency, he was Secretary of State for Solidarity Economy. During those years, 2004 to 2012, he helped create the National Secretariat on Solidarity Economy (SENAES) and he collaborated extensively with the Brazilian Solidarity Economy Forum (FBES). He continued as Secretary of State under the Roussef Presidency until the constitutional coup d’état removed her from office...

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Podcast: Community Economic Development with Sarah Leeson-Klym
Matthew Dyck

Blog by Matthew Dyck

Matthew Dyck, a member of the Canadian CED Network, sat down with our Manitoba Regional Director Sarah Leeson-Klym for a podcast on CED. They were able to sit down and have a conversation about how community economic development can impact cities, how leaders emerge, and how they can speak about developing and new framework for economic development. She also shares her personal story of how she got involved in the movement.    

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CED Resources

Local Economic Resilience through Import Replacement

Import Replacement: Local Prosperity for Rural Atlantic CanadaThe Centre for Local Prosperity is released a report on an Atlantic Canada regional project studying the economics benefits of import replacement as an economic development strategy for communities within the region.

Import replacement is an economic tool designed to complement exporting, to provide a more balanced and integrated approach to local economic development and sustainability.

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Worker-Owned Cooperatives in Marginalized Communities
Energy Democracy: Advancing Equity in Clean Energy Solutions

This paper examines the sufficiency of the worker cooperative model in addressing precarious employment within marginalized communities with a specific focus on immigrant and low-income South Asian immigrant women in Ontario. 

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CED Videos

Locality - who we are (Tony Armstrong - EconoUs2018 Keynote)

Locality: who we are and what we do - watch our short film to find out all about us in a nutshell

Locality UK: Who We Are
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Events Calendar

Co-op Development for Poverty Reduction
Jun 4-8 | Calgary, AB
Working with Vulnerable Populations
Jun 4-8 | Calgary, AB
Finding the Good
Jun 8-9 | Kelowna, BC
Intersections Between Poverty & Government Policy
Jun 11-15 | Calgary, AB

Sociology of Poverty
Jun 11-15 | Calgary, AB

Financial Empowerment for Development and Peacebuilding
Jun 11-15 | Calgary, AB

Cities Innovating to Reduce Poverty
Jun 12-13 | Vancouver, BC
Jun 14 | Online

Effective Change Management for Organizations CCEDNet Event
Jun 14 | Winnipeg, MB

Jun 17-20 | Halifax, NS

Co-operative Congress 2018
Jun 19-21 | Victoria, BC

Indigenous Food Sovereignty Summit
Jun 19-21 | Winnipeg, MB

CommonBound 2018
Jun 22-24 | St. Louis, Missouri

Transition to Cooperative Commonwealth
Jun 23- Jul 8 |  Monte Ginezzo, Arezzo (Tuscany)

Social Innovation Challenge - Oshawa
Jul 22 | Oshawa, ON

Renaissance of Community 2018
Jul 22-25 | Detroit, Michigan

Economic Development Youth Summit
Jul 22-25 | Enoch, AB

Social Enterprise World Forum 2018
Sept 12-14 | Edinburgh, Scotland
EconoUs2018 CCEDNet Event
Sept 24-26 Moncton, NB

Legacy Community Businesses
September 24 | Online

Market, Justice and the Cooperative as a Political Institution
Sept 27-28  | Montréal, QC

Soul of the Next Economy Forum
Sept 28-29  | Calgary, AB

Global Social Economy Forum
Oct 1-3 |  Bilbao, Spain

Community Change Festival
Oct 1-4 | Toronto, ON

The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Revolution
October 7-10 | Fort Worth, Texas

Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation Conference: Health and Shared Prosperity
Oct 9-12 | Saskatoon, SK

Social Enterprise: Seeking the Good Society
Oct 11-13 | Halifax, NS

Ontario Co-operative Governance Forum
Oct 11-12 | Toronto, ON

Nonprofit Driven
Oct 10-11 | Toronto, ON

Gathering of Alberta Co-operatives 2018
October 15-17 | Stony Plain, AB
Incubating Cooperatives Webinar
October 22 | Online

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Administrative Assistant
United Way Winnipeg
Winnipeg, MB
Deadline: Jun 1
William Whyte Community Gardener
Food Matters Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB
Deadline: Jun 1
Summer Youth Care Practitioner
Lord Roberts Community Centre’s
Winnipeg, MB
Deadline: Jun 1
Volunteer Coordinator
Santropol Roulant
Montréal, QC
Deadline: Jun 3

Procurement and Investment Readiness Fund Program Assistant
The Canadian CED Network
Ottawa, ON
Deadline: Jun 3
Program Assistant
Circles of Support and Accountability
Winnipeg, MB 
Deadline: Jun 15

Community Economic Development Manager
North End Women’s Centre
Winnipeg, MB 
Deadline: Jun 15
Resource Mobilization Specialist - Volunteer in the Philippines
Cuso International
Roxas City (Philippines)
Deadline: Jul 15
Organizational Development Advisor
Cuso International
Deadline: Jul 15
Value Chain Advisor
Cuso International
Deadline: Jul 15
Social Behaviour Change Advisor
Cuso International
Mpika or Shiwa Ng'andu (Zambia)
Deadline: Jul 15

Gender Advisor
Cuso International
Mpika or Shiwa Ng'andu (Zambia)
Deadline: July 15
Knowledge Management Advisor
Cuso International
Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)
Deadline: Jul 15

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