Social Inclusion and CED

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The Pan-Canadian Community Development Learning Network (PCCDLN) was a two and a half year project of the Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNet) that examined and promoted learning about how comprehensive, community-based CED initiatives contribute to social inclusion.

There were seven complementary components of the overall project:

  • A report on Socio-Economic Indicator and Mapping Resources that presents how indicators and mapping can be used to inform and strengthen local initiatives.
  • A Profile of Effective Practice

    The first stage of the Profile was a survey of 78 comprehensive, community-based initiatives that explores their approach through CED and social inclusion lenses.

    The second stage of the Profile produced case studies of innovative local efforts that strengthen social inclusion.
  • A Learning Resource Package related to social inclusion. If you would like a workshop on social inclusion and CED, contact the CCEDNet Regional Coordinator in your area. Or, if you would like to prepare your own workshop on the topic, you can download and adapt this presentation (PowerPoint, 8.4 Mo) and workshop handouts (Word, 300 Kb) to use along with the other documents on this page.
  • A Tool Box of resources on CED and social inclusion.
  • Peer-Learning Events for practitioners and stakeholders. If you would like a workshop for your organization or event, contact us.

A more detailed project overview is available here

* This project was funded by the Community Development and Partnerships Directorate of Social Development Canada. The opinions and interpretations are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect those of Social Development Canada.