3. CCEDNet's Policy Priorities

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CCEDNet's current Policy Priorities, which are outlined in the documents below, are based on recommendations developed by our Policy Council with feedback from members across the country. 

Social Return on Investment Resources

Take a look at our social return on investment page which provides program and performance evaluations of CED initiatives from across the country and internationally. >> Click here

Read and share our two-pager which highlights some key examples to demonstrate the impact of a CED approach.

Learn more:

For more information on the CCEDNet's Policy Priorities, contact us at info at ccednet-rcdec.ca

Click here to learn more about CCEDNet's past policy priorities.

5. Let’s Talk! Are
these your priorities? Can we support your own CED policy work?
1. Who is the
Canadian CED Network Policy Council?
4. Tools you can use!       2. How do we do our work, and where do we get our mandate?
  3. CCEDNet's Policy Priorities