2. How do we do our work, and where do we get our mandate?

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In keeping with CCEDNet’s mission of being a member-led network, the Policy Council consists of members who represent the interests and priorities of the membership, seeking representation from a range of CED sub-sectors, geographic locations, and demographic groups of people.

The Policy Council is led by a Chair who also sits on the Board of Directors to ensure coordination and collaboration with the overall direction of the Network.  Policy Council meetings are held virtually to provide updates on CED policy development and advancement in different parts of the country, and to plan and coordinate policy advancement efforts, particularly those aimed at the federal government.

The Policy Council gets its policy agenda and mandate from the membership who represent thousands of community initiatives working with tens of thousands of community members in every part of the country. Our policy priorities have been developed over the years through dozens of consultations with thousands of individuals who are active in their communities.

The strength of the network and our policy work is not simply in the Policy Council, but in the whole membership. This is why the Policy Council works with members in every part of Canada to advance our Network’s Policy Priorities, and to support the specific CED policy work that individual members are advancing in their own communities.

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