2009 National Conference

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JUNE 3-5


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 Plenary Speaker

 Social Movements - Comunity Economic Development (Sp.)

Juan Carlos Pirir (PDF)


June 4th

Fundraising and Development: We all Need a Little Help from Our Friends (Handout 1) (Handout 2) (Handout 3)
Presenter: Sue Barkman

Creating Skills & Employment Opportunities for First Nation Communities in the Digital Age  (PDF) (Handout)
Presenter: Laura Lamb

Social Economy Access to Finance: Demand, Barriers, and Gaps (PDF)
Presenter: George Karaphillis 

Aboriginal Peoples and Food Security: An Examination of Emerging Projects (PDF)
Presenter: Clair Sales

Building a Supportive Environment for Social Enterprise (PDF)
Presenter: David LePage 

CED 101 (PDF)
Presenter: Michele Cherot

Engaging Isolated & Rural Communities Using Technology (PDF)
Presenters: Jordan Sturgeon & Franz Seibel 

Inner City Renovation: Sharing the Experience (PDF) (Handout)
Presenter: Marty Donkervoort 

Unama'ki Benefits Office (PPT)
Presenter: Owen Fitzgerald

Measuring Our Impacts: How CED is Reducing Poverty

  • Presentation (PDF)
  • Staff Sessional Final Report (PDF)
  • LEF Neighbourhood Survey (PDF)
  • The Right Stuff (PDF)
  • ANSER Paper  (PDF)

Presenter: Paul Chamberlain


June 5th 

Motivating Change Towards Employment Using the Stages of Change Model (PPT)
Presenters: April Klassen & Angela Hildebrand

Research from Practitioners/Academic Collaborations (PDF), (Audio file MP3, 2.4 MB) Presenter: M. Basualdo 

Social and Cultural Microenterprise: Experiences from the Small Island of Chiloe| Part1 (PDF) Part2 (PDF)
Presenters: Kim D'Ambrogi, Abigail Franco Vazquez & Delores Levangie 

Exploration of New Legal Form for Social Enterprise Models

  • Legislative Innovations and Social Enterprise (PDF)
  • Exec Summary [Eng] (PDF)
  • Exec Summary [Fr] (PDF)
  • SE Legal Structure Presentation (PDF)

Presenters: Stacey Corriveau & Richard Bridge 

Fair Trade & Local Purchasing [Sp] (PDF)
Presenter: Juan Carlos Pirir


Thanks to the sponsors that helped make this event possible.

                    GEORGE HICKES ~MLA Point Douglas