2012 Board Nomination Results

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Between February 29 and April 6, CCEDNet members were invited to submit nominations for three positions on CCEDNet's Board of Directors.

Three eligible nominations were received by the deadline.  Our Elections Officer has declared elected by acclamation:

Indu Krishnamurthy

Indu Krishnamurthy is a Community Credit Counsellor at ACEM (Montreal Community Loan Fund) since 2008. She has a Graduate Diploma in Community Economic Development from the School of Community & Public Affairs of Concordia University. A graduate in Computing & Systems Analysis from the Open University, U.K., Indu gained experience in accountancy & finance in the U.K. and at the Business Development Bank of Canada before moving to the non-profit sector.

Indu is the Co-Chair of the Immigrant & Refugee Community Action Network (ICAN) since 2010. ICAN serves as a platform for immigrant-led social enterprises and CED practitioners working with immigrants & refugees to learn from each other’s experiences. Indu believes that social enterprises are a great means for newcomers to participate in the economy while having the support of a group. She hopes that ICAN can be an instrument to collectively advance the interests of immigrant-led social enterprises in Canada.


Caroline Lachance

Caroline Lachance has been extensively involved in community economic development, the social economy and social development for more than 15 years and has been an active member of CCEDNet since 2002.

An economist by training, Caroline has developed solid financial mangement and business admininstration experience.  She worked at ÉCOF-CDÉC de Trois-Rivières for 14 years and also contributed to numerous social enterprise startups (in a wide range of sectors of activity) and still sits on several boards of directors.  

More recently, she began teaching at the college level and continues to promote the values of the community movement, social development, CED and the social economy through her economics classes.  She is also a trainer and business coach. 


Christine Landry

Christine Landry has been with Community Futures Manitoba, the association of Manitoba’s 16 Community Futures organizations (CFs), since 2000.

As Project Coordinator, she works with the 16 CF offices to strengthen their capacity to assist rural, northern an Aboriginal communities in strengthening their business sector and build capacity for CED. Christine has been actively involved with CCEDNet, sitting on the annual Manitoba CED Gathering planning committee since 2004. She was also a member of the planning committee for the 2009 National CCEDNet Conference in Winnipeg.

Christine works with Community Futures offices each year to plan their annual provincial conference, which is promoted to CED service providers across the province. She also handles the association’s marketing and communications activities. Recently she was pleased to be elected a member of CCEDNet Manitoba’s Governance Committee to develop a model for improving communication and efficiency in the Network. She was appointed to the CCEDNet National Board in August 2011 and hopes to continue as a representative from Manitoba.