2013.3 Strong & Effective Provincial Accessibility-Rights Legislation

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Whereas: Manitobans with disabilities face a multitude of barriers that prevent their full participation in the economy and in their communities in areas including education, job training, communications, housing, public and private transportation, health care and government services.

Whereas: The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Manitoba Human Rights Code reflect an abiding commitment to equitable access for persons with disabilities as a basic human right.

Whereas: Human rights complaints based on disability discrimination have represented almost 40% of all complaints lodged with the Manitoba Human Rights Commission over the last decade.

Whereas: The Province of Manitoba has established the objective of making Manitoba a leader in promoting and protecting the human rights of persons with disabilities.

Whereas: Current laws, policies and mechanisms are unable to provide for the timely and comprehensive prevention and removal of barriers.

Whereas: Barrier Free Manitoba is calling for provincial accessibility-rights legislations that will meet the following nine principles: 

  • Cover all disabilities; 
  • Reflect a principled approach to equality; 
  • Move beyond the complaints-driven system to comprehensively address discrimination and barriers; 
  • Establish a definite target date to achieve a barrier-free Manitoba; 
  • Require the development of clear, progressive, mandatory and date-specific standards in all major areas related to accessibility that will apply to public and private sectors; 
  • Establish a timely and effective process for monitoring and enforcement of the standards; 
  • Incorporate ongoing leadership roles for the disability community; 
  • Supersede all other provincial legislation, regulations or policies which provide lesser protections; and
  • Not diminish other legal and human rights protections.

Be It Resolved That:

CCEDNet Manitoba support Barrier Free Manitoba’s call for strong and effective provincial accessibility-rights legislation in Manitoba.

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