2013.6 Housing Cooperatives – End of Operating Agreements

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Whereas: There are more than 45 housing cooperatives in Manitoba providing more than 2,700 families with safe, affordable homes 

Whereas: Housing co-operatives offer housing that is much more affordable than average private sector rental costs, offer security through democratic decision making by the members, and build capacity in members through their participation in the governance structure.

Whereas: Housing co-operatives create stability for people, ease the economic strain market rentals create for low and moderate income people, structure the ownership of housing in a way that puts people before profit and creates a permanent community asset

Whereas: The Province of Manitoba has committed to increasing the number of safe affordable housing units available to Manitobans and has already developed a Co-op Visioning Strategy and committed to the co-construction and co-production of this strategy with the co-op community; 

Whereas: The Government of Canada announced a renewal of the Affordable Housing Initiative to 2014 which provides an opportunity to construct a significant number of additional cooperative homes to address the needs of Manitobans for safe affordable housing.

Whereas: In 2009 The Province of Manitoba signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Cooperative Housing Federation of Canada to support and advance the operations of housing cooperatives in Manitoba and promote a long term, healthy, soundly managed cooperative housing sector.

Whereas: Over the next several years, housing cooperatives are facing the end of existing long term operating agreements which were initially negotiated with the Government of Canada, but are now administered by the Province of Manitoba

Be It Resolved That:

CCEDNet Manitoba urge the Province of Manitoba to enter bilateral discussions with a delegation comprised of delegates from Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada, Manitoba housing cooperatives, and representatives from CCEDNet Manitoba, for the purpose of bringing clarity to:

  1. Financing options that will be available to housing cooperatives, with an emphasis on co-ops experiencing difficulty;
  2. Manitoba’s plans on how affordability for low-income Manitobans will be preserved when existing subsidies end and how subsidies to support the development of new affordable cooperative housing will occur; 
  3. A framework for achieving the Province of Manitoba’s public policy goals for housing cooperatives, including protection of both physical assets and affordability.

Download Resolution 2013.6 [pdf]

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