2014.10 Municipal Food Policy Councils

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Whereas: There are significant opportunities in Winnipeg to enhance food security, green our communities, engage neighbourhoods in urban agriculture, and create economic opportunities in our communities.

Whereas: Food is connected to our health, our environment, our economy, and our community.

Whereas: Municipalities can play a key role in facilitating and planning for a food secure community and developing an enabling regulatory structure.

Whereas: Municipalities across Canada have developed food policy councils and municipal food strategies, fostered cooperation between municipal departments and community agencies, and encouraged citizen involvement in the food system.

Whereas: A comprehensive municipal food strategy will strengthen food security in Winnipeg, create opportunities for the neighbourhood building that results from community gardening, and contribute to a local food economy and economic opportunities for regional producers.

Be It Resolved That:

CCEDNet - Manitoba urge the City of Winnipeg and Manitoban municipalities to create Food Policy Councils mandated to develop and implement a municipal food strategy in partnership with community agencies.

Download Resolution 2014.10 [pdf]

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