2014.2 Co-op Visioning Strategy

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Whereas: There are more than 375 co-operatives, credit unions, and caisses populaires in Manitoba, comprising of over 900,000 memberships and more than $22 billion in assets. Co-operatives are a more sustainable business model given their collective ownership and community commitment; 62 per cent of new co-ops are still operating after five years, compared with 35 per cent for other new businesses. After 10 years, the figures are 44 per cent and 20 per cent respectively.

Whereas: A comprehensive strategy for the strengthening and growth of cooperatives in Manitoba is required to ensure that results for our economy and our communities are achieved.

Whereas: A strategic action plan for co-op development is most effectively achieved through the sufficiently resourced co-production of the vision, policy, and action plans.

Whereas: Co-operatives create economic democracy, root ownership locally, distribute profits equitably, and often create jobs and services in communities where they are otherwise lacking.

Whereas: The Province of Manitoba, in partnership with the co-operative sector, has co-constructed and co-produced good policy, public education, and co-op development results from a successful five year Co-op Visioning Strategy that is set to expire.

Be It Resolved That:

CCEDNet - Manitoba urge the Province of Manitoba to build upon their commitments to strengthening the co-op community by allocating the required resources to co-create and co-produce a second 5-year Co-op Visioning Strategy in full partnership with the co-op sector.

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