2014.6 Manitoba Social Enterprise Strategy

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Whereas: Social enterprises strategically use a business model to realize social outcomes, such as the creation of jobs for people with barriers to employment, provide important community services, generate revenue for non-profits, and are more effective at building fairer, stronger and more sustainable local economies and communities than traditional business models.

Whereas: Creating a robust social enterprise ecosystem in Manitoba requires a methodical and strategic approach to ensuring:

  • The ability to identify opportunities and mobilize stakeholders to create social enterprises
  • Development of management capacity
  • Access to appropriate funding and financing
  • Expanded access to markets
  • Recognition and promotion of the added value to our communities and economies of social enterprises
  • A supportive policy environment
  • Support and participate in networks and opportunities for knowledge exchange

Whereas: The Province of Manitoba, in partnership with the co-operative sector, has co-constructed and co-produced good policy, public education, and co-op development results from a successful five year Co-operative Community Strategy and also invests significant resources in supporting the creation and growth of traditional businesses in Manitoba.

Whereas: The Province of Manitoba has adopted the Community Economic Development Policy Framework and Lens, created the Neighbourhoods Alive Tax Credit in support of social enterprise capitalization, partnered with CCEDNet Manitoba’s Enterprising Non-Profits program to support social enterprise development, engaged social enterprises through government procurement in support of job creation for people with barriers to employment, and invested in the creation of the Social Enterprise Centre and other social enterprise support organizations.

Be It Resolved That:

CCEDNet - Manitoba urge the Province of Manitoba to build upon their commitment to social enterprise development by allocating the required resources to co-create and co-produce a Manitoba Social Enterprise Strategy in full partnership with the social enterprise community, with a particular focus on social enterprise development, where the mission is job creation and training for people with barriers to employment.

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